Oregon Health and Science University Fellowship Programs

For students who can fully support their studies, they can apply for fellowship programs of the university. If you decided to take sleep medicine at Oregon Health and Science University, numerous opportunities you will experience include:

  • Have the chance to work with two clinical programs with different patient populations. Each of the programs is major academic medical center.
  • Access large pediatric sleep patient population with three sleep clinicians
  • Be trained with the combination of outdoor activities

Aside from the best fellowships programs that are available in the institution, the school is dedicated to provide expert care for children and adults with sleep disorders. The best thing with the specialty is that it includes multi-specialty teams with a background in General Pediatric, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Pediatric Pulmonology. Students will know the solutions for sleep related difficulty that include hypoventilation, sleep apnea, sleep walking and terrors, insomnia, narcolepsy and restless legs syndrome. In addition, students will have a great access to a range of service including:

  • Sleep laboratory testing
  • Comprehensive physical examination and clinical interview
  • Child life experts
  • Medication management
  • Cognitive behavioral treatment to problem settling, frequent awakenings or insomnia
  • Supervision and initiation

Bear in mind that Oregon Health and Science University, as well as University of Vermont, do not only have top fellowship programs but they are one of the best destinations to have mastery in sleep medicine. If you want to have full understanding of what sleep medicine is all about and wants to learn it specialties, the university is open to help you. They are one of the best choices you can choose from because they have a high rank as best medical schools. Complete the application requirements on or before the deadline and shine! Besides, you may know more about University of Nebraska Medical Center Fellowship Programs on our site.

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