NYU Nurse Residency Program

These top residency programs will help you pursue a career in nursing and become a certified nurse to work in various hospitals around the United States. However, you should have accreditation in CCNE or NLN. Plus, you should have at least a GPA of 3.5. You have to get a New York license for nursing prior to working. You can apply for the position right before graduation.

Best SPECIFIC Residency Programs: About NYU

New York University believes in continuous learning which is needed in the nursing profession. The institution also believes in quality healthcare and services to all citizens. It aims to help nurses to pursue their career in nursing education. You can pursue new knowledge using the medical educational programs with the participation of McClure Scholars Program and Nursing Research Council. The institution is one of the best nursing residency programs institutions in the world. The institution was founded in 1831 and is also one of the biggest universities in U.S. The university is a member of the Association of American Universities.

Apply for the top nursing residency programs at New York University. You can become part of one of the best institutions in the United States. Sign up for New York University now!

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