Nursing Informatics Salary in 2015

nursing informatics salary in 2015

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Because nursing informatics is an in demand nursing related job all over the world, although it’s relatively new, there are many nursing professionals looking for information on nursing informatics salary.

Today’s post is a ready research for you to find out related positions as well as salaries you can expect when you ventured in one of the careers featured below.

Nursing Informatics Career at a Glance

A career focusing on discovering new ways of improving communications and information management in order to reduce organizational cost while enhancing patient care and improving service efficiency.

According to the American Nurses Association, nursing informatics is a career combining and specializing in computer science, nursing science and information science, all put together in the nursing practice.

One working in such field is responsible for integrating data, knowledge and information for better decision making in settings and roles. Support is obtained by using information processes, structures and technology (Scope and Standards of Nursing Informatics Practice, 2001).

How the Nursing Informatics Salary Range Is Determined?

A professional’s salary may differ based on several factors, including education level, specialization, experience, employment facility, job duties and location.

Nursing Informatics Related Position


Salary Outlook

RN Informatics Coordinator

Someone working here has an interdisciplinary computer system training allowing one to design, control and use technology in the job in order to meet the demands of the company.

By venturing here, you could also expect working as a technology analyst or system administrator. Therefore to become hired an informatics coordinator, you should possess high technical skills needed for gathering, managing and handling a team of informatics specialists.

Indeed revealed professionals working in the field earns a median informatics nurse salary of $83,000.

On the other hand, data released by (January, 2014), the average salary for this job was $76,503, but salaries could vary from several factors, including field specialization, location and experience.

Clinical Informatics Nurse

Optimizing the use and the function of patient care software applications and electronic medical records, you’ll be responsible in finding out solutions related to patient care services or in working as a liaison among software vendors and medical staff.

As one, you will also be responsible for training medical staff as well as troubleshooting any problems with the software.

You should also be able to ensure that all the documentations are meeting the criteria of internal and external review or accreditation organizations.

According to, a clinical informatics nurse can expect a median informatics nurse salary of $74,000.

Informatics Nurse Specialist

Mostly, a professional working in this field would do his or her task inside a controlled environment, so you could expect an all-day of work sitting. You will work during regular business hours, but may also do duties on the holidays, nights or weekends, depending on your organization’s needs. reveals an average median salary of $105,000 for informatics nurse specialist.

Nurse Informaticist

Most of your work will be in a control clinical environment, and most tasks involve adept computer system knowledge and skills. You’re also going to evaluable and implement various clinical applications, train staff and troubleshoot any problems with the computer system applications and various patient care computer systems, too.

You will also act as a liaison among IT vendors and hospital or clinical staff.

According to, one may receive an average salary of $92,000.

Meanwhile, revealed salaries can vary between $57,000 and $118, 00 depending on specialty, experience and location, among other factors.

Health Informatics Specialist

For the most part, this professional has similar roles as that of the RN informatics, but here, the work takes place in healthcare settings.

You will also have to train staff about healthcare system implementation, troubleshoot problems and liaise with vendors. Finally, you will also have to keep yourself updated with the latest regulatory and compliance standards of various organizations.

PayScale revealed an annual salary of $61,050, but with an average median salary between $35,449 and $91,618.  According to the same website, the highest paid annual salary is $84,000.

Clinical Analyst

Your main responsibility is evaluating information in order to help in keeping a smooth workflow in a healthcare facility and in maintaining correct and updated clinical information.

According to PayScale, you can earn a median salary of $63,823.  You can also make more money if you could penetrate in the healthcare industry companies located in Phoenix and New York to make between $85,000 and $76,000, respectively.

Clinical Informatics Manager

By working as one, you should be able to oversee the daily operations of your information system as well as to monitor the direct staff and the budgets. In addition to these roles, one of your most important tasks is to ensure your system is complying with the standards and regulations of the federal and state governments.

As a clinical informatics manager, you will also have to check on the smooth transition of paper documents into digital systems. Finally, you will have to see the entire process from the start to the finish.

PayScale reveals that an annual salary of clinical informatics managers is about $92,819 annually. Salaries, however, may vary from several factors, including location, experience and specialization.


There you have what to know in nursing informatics salary as well as main job roles and descriptions of professionals venturing into such field of science, nursing and technology.

Getting to know all of these will help you make a better decision as to what industry you want to enter so that you can work in a nursing informatics field close to your heart. Of course, you will have to study your options based on several factors, including your experience, location and expectations.

Nevertheless, selecting a field in the nursing informatics field is a lucrative choice because you will be able to earn decent money in the healthcare and medical industry. Finally, you should be ready of equipping yourself with the needed education, training and relevant experience so that you can get the most of your profession and eventually love it as a lifelong career.

Learn more about nursing informatics salary range today!


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