Nursing Informatics Salary: How Much Are You Going to Be Paid in 2014

Nursing Informatics Salary and Job Description

Nursing informatics is a field where specialists in the field of nursing science acquire knowledge from the field of information technology and computer science to improve the management of information and communication to reduce service costs, while at the same time improving the quality of patient care being provided to individuals in hospitals and in the clinical setting. As nursing informatics is a highly specialized job, the high nursing informatics salary incentive is attracting various individuals to specialize in the said multi-disciplinary field. The demand to further optimize the process of providing health care is increasing. In this light, the demand for these highly specialized employment opportunities is at an all-time high. As the need for nurse informaticists increases, so do the minimum salary and the financial rewards increase as well.

Nursing Informatics Salary



Healthcare Informatics Salary and Specializations

While nurse informaticists are performing highly specialized jobs, they are expected as well to perform various job tasks. These professionals receive various healthcare informatics salary incentives and other benefits. Here are the various jobs and specializations that can be held by nursing informatics specialists.

  • Systems directors. These systems directors experience the most financial rewards reaching up to $120,000. These individuals are responsible in overall maintenance of of the various systems employed by hospitals and clinics.
  • Clinical Coordinator. A clinical informatics coordinator is tasked to maintain software systems employed by the hospital or clinic. Clinical coordinators may be required to troubleshoot and test the software being used by these health institutions.
  • Nurse informatics analyst. These informatics analysts test computer applications to ensure the functionality and the usability of the features needed by healthcare institutions. Furthermore, analysts recommend improvements and software changes to further optimize the processes being employed by healthcare institutions.
  • Health record analyst. Primarily tasked in maintaining data, health record analysts should be able to keep efficient records for the use of doctors and other healthcare specialists in order to provide proper treatment to patients.

Nurse Informatics Salary and Benefits

Nursing informaticists enjoy various benefits financially and job security. With the demand for specialists increasing, individuals can choose various careers in the field of nursing informatics and similarly enjoy the various nurse informatics salary benefits. Furthermore, nurse informaticists can enjoy various opportunities in different settings, ranging from clinical setting to bigger policy-making offices. As this is the case, these professionals can enjoy the various nursing informatics salary benefits regardless of the sectors where they choose to practice their expertise. The trend in the increasing demand for nursing informatics experts is seen to continue well into the next decade as there is an increasing demand in optimizing the system and further improve the healthcare systems of various institutions.

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