Nurse Residency Overview

Nurse residency program assists students to become professional nurse and fully competent. The program gives exceptional learning environment where students have the chance to refine their nursing skills, develop professional and new relationships and enhance their knowledge. Some programs are using educational design taking innovative and comprehensive approach in learning. Students will work with supervisors, managers, educators and nursing colleagues in supporting and fostering their professional growth.

The residency program helps students by giving them evidence based education, practice and research. They ensure that they will know how to deliver health care for each patient and enhanced relationships that is based on collaboration, mutual respect and effective communication. They give educational opportunities to students in professional development and clinical nursing.

Graduate Nurse Residency Career Outlook

Registered nurses coordinate and give patient care. They also educate their patients, give advice and support to patients and their families. Knowing the career outlook is important because you get ideas, whether the career is in demand or not. You know about the salary and what other careers you can choose from.

nurse residencyWork environment: Registered nurses work in physicians’ offices, nursing care facilities, hospitals and home healthcare services. Some works in schools, serve in military or correctional facilities.

nurse residencyBecoming registered nurse: To become a registered nurse, you need to complete your bachelor’s degree in nursing or associate degree from accredited nursing program. RN must be licensed.

nurse residencyPay: The median annual wage for RNs was $67,490 in the year 2015.


nurse residencyJob Outlook: When it comes to employment for registered nurses, it is projected to grow 16% from 2014 up to 2024. It is faster compared to other occupations. The growth for employment increase for some reasons, which include increased on preventive care and growing rates of chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes. On the other hand, according to BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse practitioners will be in demand, especially in underserved populations such as inner city or rural communities. According to them, nurse practitioners are expected to increase 34% from 2012 up to 2022 wherein the highest level of employment for nurses is in hospitals and physician’s offices.

ICU Nurse Residency: Application Process

Applicants must need to know what the documents they need to submit are. They need to be aware on the application requirements to have the chance to become part of the program. For requirements, check this out!

Applications are accepted through ERAS or Electronic Residency Application Service like many other residencies like for example cardiology residency. For some programs, applications that are submitted via email are not accepted and considered. Applicants should follow instructions.

The selection committee does not review application until it’s complete. To have a complete application, here are important documents you need to submit:

graduate nurse residencyMedical school transcript

graduate nurse residencyThree letters of recommendation

graduate nurse residencyCurriculum vitae

graduate nurse residencyPersonal statement

graduate nurse residencyBoard scores: In this requirement, you need to check the program site to know if they require the USMLE step 1 and step 2 because there are instances that the program only require step 1 during the application process

The residency program sends communication to candidates via ERAS is applications are reviewed.

Note: Residency programs are strict when it comes to deadline that is why you need to ensure that you submitted your application on time. Some programs do not consider new application after the deadline and any applications that submitted after the said date will be rejected.

Interviews: Formal interviews will be conducted depending on the said date by the program. In some cases, there is meet and greet event being held in evening prior for all applicants. It is a good chance to ask questions. During the interview, applicant needs to participate in the conference.

Foreign Graduates: All graduates of foreign medical universities should have current certification by Educational Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates. For applicants who need visa sponsorship, they need to meet all requirements of ECFMG in order to secure J-1 visa residency application.

For some residency programs, they require applicants to submit and complete their application form, CV, personal statement, official NP program transcript, GPA of 3.5 and higher, 3 letters of recommendation and one letter should come from one NP program director and settle the application fee. Aside from this, there are other requirements to enter the residency program, which include current NP board certification, degree from accredited nurse practitioner program, active DEA number, current NY state license, ATLS certification, ACLS, BLS and PALS certification and NY state certification.

A nurse does many services like treating, diagnosing, helping doctors and maintaining medical records. There are many things they should know and if you want to become a registered nurse and be accepted into the best medical residency programs, do your best. If you want to apply for residency program, so be it. Just make sure that you complete all application requirements and you follow their instruction on where you should submit your application.

Start applying and become part of the nurse residency program today!

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