Northwestern University

History of Northwestern University

Northwestern UniversityNorthwestern University believes that every individual can do a great job in becoming a help for the society. The university is helping students to attain exceptional knowledge in their chosen field.

The mission of Northwestern University is to help students to become competent and socially responsible. They help every person to have strong faith in God, have passion and develop their leadership ability. They are providing a strong foundation to meet the needs of their students. They are aiming to give the best education for their students and ensure that they will become a leader and help the society.

Northwestern University Departments

•           Accounting Information and Management PhD

•           African-American Studies

•           African Studies

•           Anthropology

•           Applied Mathematics

•           Applied Physics

•           Biomedical Engineering

•           Biotechnology

•           Biotechnology Training Program

•           Communication Studies PhD

•           Comparative and Historical Social Sciences

•           Comparative Literary Studies

•           Engineering Management

•           English

•           History

•           Higher Education

Northwestern University Application Requirements

In entering the Northwestern University, it is important to submit these requirements. Make sure that you will all submit the requirements on the said deadline. Late applications will be rejected and only applicants who submit the requirements on time will be accepted and will be considered.

•           Curriculum vitae

•           Immunizations form

•           Complete transcript

•           Photo

•           Two Letter of recommendations from faculty

•           COMLEX, TOEFL or USMLE official test score

•           The application fee which is 75 dollars ( non-refundable)

Northwestern University Admission Process

Applicants can only qualify for Northwestern University admission upon submitting the requirements. Always remember that the school is very strict in choosing and checking for all applications and documents submitted so be sure that you have complete documents.

In addition, if you are interested to level up your education; you should do your best to meet the requirements, so check out top US graduate schools. The university is offering lots of opportunities to chosen applicant so never miss the opportunity. In other words, submit all the requirements on time.

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