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New Trends in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering utilizes technology as a medium in advancing biomedical modalities. As of now, new trends are emerging and biomedical engineering is becoming more prominent as the latest frontier in the field of biomedical technology.

What’s new in Biomedical Engineering?

The latest and the newest trends in biomedical engineering are mostly around diagnostic tools and modalities which greatly help healthcare providers today in diagnosing and recognizing early signs of fatal yet preventable diseases. These biomedical technologies help also countless patients in making the most of managing and improving the quality of their health.

Newest trends in biomedical engineering include, but not limited to: enhanced bone regeneration; tissue bioengineering and; biosensors and bioinstrumentation.

How do these new trends work?

Enhanced bone regeneration or distraction osteogenesis, as doctors call them, works by “distracting” the bone remodelling function of the previous fracture by making another fracture which is made surgically. After making the surgical fracture, usual pins and plates are placed to the affected bone, but this time, a medical device will be attached to the pins. The purpose of this device is that it will slightly intensify the traction daily between the fractured segments of the bones to increase the osteoblastic activity around the fractured area, thereby promoting faster healing.

Tissue bioengineering is another trend that will confidently contribute to the progress of medical science to human life. As the procedure suggests, tissues will be gathered from a donor organ and will be cultured and grown ex vivo or outside the body. When the desired vascular structure has been established to sustain the artificial organ’s nutritional supply, it can then be a good candidate for an artificial organ.

Another trend that we have now is bioinstrumentation. It’s about making advanced instruments for monitoring the biochemical and physiological aspects of the human body. Making more progress in the molecular level is such a great feat in the medical field because in-depth knowledge of these reactions and states will lead to new discoveries and breakthroughs.

Progress of these New Trends

Bone regeneration is becoming popular among orthopaedic surgeons due to the benefits it shows. There are lesser risks and more of the beneficial effects. The procedures and experiments following tissue bioengineering are yet to be reviewed, though progress is very imminent and perhaps, we will witness the first artificial transplant soon. Bioinstrumentation is still on the experimentation process but scientists are making progress and development here quickly. You can also will find more information about statement of purpose biomedical engineering on our website.

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