New Graduate Nurse Residency Programs

New Graduate Nurse Residency Programs

New Graduate Nurse Residency ProgramsNew graduate nurse residency programs were created to give chance to nurses to have a professional career. If you are looking for new programs you can apply with, you need to do a research online and check each program. For a list of nurse residency programs, here it is!

New Grad Nurse Residency Programs

  1. Mercy Medical Center nurse residency program: It facilitates new graduates to become a competent professional nurse the time they will graduate. Nurses will be supported with a great curriculum and they make sure to develop students’ skills when it comes to performance and clinical judgment.
  2. Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center nurse residency program: They are offering a competency based orientation program that was coordinated by masters prepared Clinical Nurse Specialists, skilled RN preceptors and Professional Development Specialists.
  3. Christ Medical Center and Hope Children’s Hospital residency program: The goal of the nurse residency program is to support nurses in embarking their journey on nursing student to professional nurse. They offer an acute care environment that focus on enhancing the problem solving and critical thinking skills of nurses.
  4. Palomar Health nurse residency program: The residency program provides a mentored experience in order to facilitate student to professional nurse. They are offering a nine-week program with nursing orientation and new employee orientation and come with a program entails didactic session in various topics.
  5. Children’s Hospital Colorado nurse residency program: It is one of the new nurse residency programs that help students to become a competent nurse. They have the goal of providing family acre, high quality patient, increase job satisfaction and aim in promoting career development.

The time you engage yourself in one of the new graduate nursing residency programs, you are assured to experience a wonderful education because you will be dealing with many lessons and a great curriculum. You will deal with lots of activities that will enhance your skills and abilities to become a competent nurse.

Lastly, allowing yourself to become part of a nursing residency program is a great idea because you are willing to learn more. You want to excel and increase your knowledge and you can only do this when you become part of any residency program in nursing. In addition, you may visit our site and know more about best nurse residency programs 2014.

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