Most Popular Residency Programs

Most Popular Residency Programs

Most Popular Residency ProgramsOne of the top questions we receive at is what kinds of trends people can expect to see in the nursing field. Medical residency is on the rise if some basic stats collected from the world of search engines are true. One might surmise that if people are searching for more information about something than they at least have some wish to study that field. After all, they wouldn’t be looking for it otherwise.

The  Most Popular Residency Programs

Nurse Residency Programs Rose to 1,900,000 Searches

With a search value that is so high it could be said that nurse residency programs are being searched for more now than in the last few years. Some of this could be an emphasis by the media on a perceived nursing crisis, though there are also declining numbers in physician enrollment. As a result one might surmise that some students want to eventually go into particular specialties once they graduate from nursing school. People really want to go into some form of straight up nursing residency it might seem.

Pharmacy Residency Programs Climb up to 720,000 Searches

Supporting the idea that more med students want to go into specialties than they had in the past, people are looking for pharmacy residency programs at a higher rate than ever before. Considering changes in the way that prescription drugs are now distributed to patients, there are more opportunities for these programs as well. Some people are choosing to work in hospital dispensaries and other similar places. Eventually some might even work at regular in store pharmacies.

590,000 Search for Img Friendly Residency Programs

Furthering the idea that special programs are all the rage now, this search might shock a few people. It could reflect the fact that higher amounts of individuals are now studying outside of traditional college education programs. That makes sense when one takes a look at enrollment numbers even at standard medical schools. The times in a sense are changing, and that’s changing the way people major in a residency field.

Pediatric Residency Programs Hold Steady at 480,000 Searches

Altruistic students really love the idea of helping children, and this could be why this specialty continues to have so much interest. While there are not always enough berths for pediatric residency students, people certainly always want to look for them when they are available. Expect to see some continued interest in this field in the next few years.

Emergency Medicine Residency Programs Enjoy 480,000 Searches

Emergency medicine is often looked at as something for younger medical students. This might make some sense considering that it takes so much out of a person, so younger people are often looked at because of their stamina. That could help when applying for a program like this, and might explain why it has the same number of searches on Keyword Planner as pediatric residency programs do.

Nursing Residency Programs Sees an Equal 480,000 Searches

This keyword is a bit of an enigma. Though nurse residency program are very popular, it’s so general it could actually be assumed that most people looking for it are going to quickly go and refine their search. They might actually end up searching for one of the other search terms here, which could help to explain why the number is equivalent to several other fields that students are looking for on a day-to-day basis.

Psychiatry Residency Programs Searched for 390,000 Times

Students with a background in mental health often end up going to a psychiatry specialty program. There are many programs available, since there are some that start people working as internship counselors. Major ones will actually deal with things like dispensing medication. These are available only to the best of the best, so good grades and positive conduct and behavior are really kind of a must for applicants and searches to have. In any case, students applying for best psychiatry residency programs, will make a great choice.

Neurosurgery Residency Programs Viewed 320,000 Times

Best neurosurgery residency programs also have the same stricter requirements that psychiatry ones do. That could explain why it’s searched for less than some of the other keywords. After all fewer people are able to attend these types of programs so there’s no way that they could really effectively take an interest in those kinds of things. That being said those students who do attend these programs are rather set as it was if they could keep themselves up.

320,000 Searches for Pathology Residency Programs

In the world of niche fields pathology disciplines have really carved out their own place in the sun. Pathology residency programs have enjoyed some real popularity due in part to the forensics trends of the last decade or so. The fact that this search has started to trend over what it once was probably has something to do with this kind of thing. Other students will reach their field through other means, however.

Internal Medicine Residency Programs See 320,000 Searches

Internal medicine is another one of those very particular fields, though it’s actually become broader in the last few years. Medical schools have really started to open up to a wider variety of students. Those students should be able to find something to their liking, as long as they’re serious about pursuing a career in the field of internal medicine. Naturally accepting a larger number of candidates does not give medical students a free license to take things any less seriously. But internal medicine residency program rankings are developing and you have a good choice of them.

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