Most Popular Pain Medicine Residency 2015-2016

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Residency is about graduate of medical training and it includes internship that can last for a year. It can also be followed by fellowship where the physician is trained in sub-specialty or specialty. A successful completion on it is a requirement in practicing medicine to many jurisdictions.

Career Path or Possible Jobs for Pain Medicine

  • Podiatrist Physician

  • Staff physician

  • Pain Management on interventional pain management consulting

  • Pain management physician

pain medicine residency

Tips in Choosing Pain Medicine Residency Programs

  • Choosing pain medicine: Make sure that pain medicine specialty is not oversubscribed and competitive or else you need to apply to over 25 programs and travel abroad for 5 or 6 interviews. If you apply for a not competitive specialty, you only need to send 15 applications and have the chance to get 10 interviews.

  • Apply to one specialty: It is necessary that you apply to more than one specialty for you to be guaranteed that you get a job when you are finished.

  • Talk with advisor: If you know someone that will help in making decisions, it is better to talk with him. You might get real time advice about the application process that is based on your needs. Since not all schools provide all information, talking with a faculty or an advisor is a help.

  • Reputation: The reputation of the program is important because it is clear that it can help you in all ways. They do not need to be the top notch as long as they are reputable and will guide you in having a good career, it is a good choice.

Schools Offering Pain Medicine

If you still do not know what residency program or pain medicine fellowship you choose, do not panic because you can still get the chance to find out the program with the tips presented above. In choosing, make sure to set a schedule on researching so that you will find the right residency program in pain medicine. Study your options and learn of these things today!

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