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Today, students have the best options when it comes to fulfilling their careers in mental health counseling by choosing to pursue a course with mental health counseling programs. This 2 or 4 year course is offered in best medical schools in the US. Many students who wish to undergo the program can choose to either enroll in a formal or online class. Now, look at the top five schools that offer the said program.

Top Five Schools Offering the Best Mental Health Counseling Programs

  1. George Washington University in Washington, D.C. GWU is a private school established in 1821 and later chartered by the United States Congress. The school was named as one of the Best Northeastern Colleges back in 2012 by the Princeton Review. The do offer a short course program for Mental Health Counseling.
  2. Boston College in Massachusetts is a Private Roman-Catholic Jesuit college, which was founded in 1863. The school was ranked number amongst the many schools offering mental health counseling programs. The school was also cited by the Princeton Review being one of the top in the Northeast.
  3. University of Wisconsin – Madison in Wisconsin is a public school established in 1848. The school was ranked 42nd by the U.S. News and World Report amongst national universities. They are also in the top ten among schools offering the program.
  4. Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina is a public coeducational school. They are ranked amongst the best in the nation in providing mental health courses. The program they have is typically conducted in the evening that is beneficial for those working in the day.
  5. Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a coeducational Jesuit Roman Catholic School. The school offers courses for addiction mental health counseling courses. It is ranked among the best in the nation in providing the program.

There you have it the top schools offering the best mental health counseling programs in the nation today. Choosing one of these schools would most certainly provide a level of expertise in the course that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Well then, good luck in your quest to get into their program.

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