Medical School Application Process: How to Do

Many students who become success in entering the medical school are for the reason that they know about the medical school application. Whenever you have a plan in entering one of the best medical schools, it is important to know what you should do to avoid mistakes.

Medical School Application Process

Junior (third year): Fall

  • Try to consider if medical school is for you

  • Review about the course requirements and make sure your transcript meets the minimum grade

  • Ensure you have gained community volunteer and clinical experience

  • Gather details about medical school

  • Be familiar with medical universities

  • Find out who can write about your letter of recommendation

  • Be prepare in taking Medical College Admission Test

Junior (third year): Winter

  • Continue studying about MCAT

  • Continue researching about medical schools

Junior (third year): Spring

  • Take the MCAT

  • Request for letters of evaluation

  • Request an original copy of your transcript

Junior (third year): Spring

  • Finalize letters of evaluation

  • Finalize letters of recommendation

Summer between Junior and Senior Year:

  • Start working with your AMCAS application and submit it on time.

  • Make sure to know about the deadline dates

Fall of Senior (fourth) Year

  • Retake MCAT if you want to

  • Make sure to complete AMCAS application

  • Interested medical schools will follow up you about your application if they are interested in you

  • Send thank you letters to faculty who help you

  • Prepare for possible interviews

  • Universities start notifying applicants

There you have it the things you need to know and consider when you are applying for good medical colleges. It is important that you know about it to be make sure you are doing the right thing. If you do not know the steps or process you need to prepare, you will never make a good application to the school you are applying for.

Finally, if you want to make a good choice, you need to start researching for medical universities as early as possible. You need to do your best and dedicate enough time so that you have the best universities that will help you to become successful and become a great doctor.

 Start now and do not waste your time in preparing for all materials you need!

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