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Medical Residency ProgramsZeitgeist really refers to what a situation is like at any one time, and it’s obvious that medical residency programs are popular in a few different places by virtue of the number of times it was searched from those locations. By far the United States and the United Arab Emirates are the most popular locales for these searches. Pakistan, the Philippines and Canada have also shown some real popularity.

Medical schools in these countries could be growing as a result. Those with their fingers on the pulse of the industry will certainly want to continue to watch these dynamic locations. The Philippines is a fast growing economy according to some indicators, for instance, and this means that more people are required. As a population grows or more people come to visit an area the needs for the number of people practicing medicine also increases.

Medical Residency Programs Enjoy 590,000 Searches

Considering that no geographical data was included with this search, it could be assumed that the majority of searches from other countries took a look at things through this lens. Canadians naturally speak English, and many Filipino academics are starting to really emphasize use of the English language. That could explain why this gets searched more than the other two terms combined.

110,000 Searches for Medical Residency in USA

American students seem to be the top ones for this kind of searching. That might not tell the full story, however. Many exchange students want to study in the United States, which has helped to increase the number of searches over the last year or so. As recruiting at these US-based universities continues to grow, it should be assumed that an increasing amount of foreign students would also continue to grow. The number of domestic students is growing, however. This kind of thing hasn’t been seriously observed for a few decades so that might be promising in the end.

Medical Residency in Dubai Gets 70,000 Look-Ups

Students in the UAE have been noticing a huge amount of change in the last few years. People from other nations are flocking to the Middle Eastern state in large numbers, and it’s received a great deal of international news coverage. With a growth in the general national economy the need for a higher number of physicians and nurses is obvious. That has helped to really spur on the number of people who come to study there as well.

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