Mechanical Engineering Top Schools

Knowing the highest and reputable mechanical engineering top schools will give you the chance in discovering many opportunities. You need to know about the best schools in the world so that you will be able to get the education you are looking for.

Best Graduate School Mechanical Engineering

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: It is one of the leading mechanical engineering graduate schools in the world. The graduate program of the school brings together the students as well as the faculty members. The school ensures that their students will share a common interest, will advance their professional study and be creative. They are offering a total of eight graduate degrees that you can choose from.
  2. Stanford University: The graduate mechanical engineering of the school is one of the programs they have. They are preparing students to become one of the great leaders of their generation. The school makes sure they able to specialize in the areas they choose. Students can able to choose from five engineering themes that include biomedicine, design, computational engineering, multi scale and energy engineering. They are emphasizing a fundamental understanding of engineering as well as scientific concepts that is combined with sensitized empathy.
  3. University of California: The college was created in the year 1931 from merger of College of Engineering and College of Mechanics. The mechanical engineering program is situated in Etchevery Hall and the research projects are funded by National Science Foundation, some industries and governmental agencies. The department is offering a complete program in innovative and traditional areas. They are participating in numerous interdisciplinary programs that include environmental engineering and bioengineering. When it comes to concentration, it includes manufacturing processes, environmental engineering, bioengineering, and computer mechanics. microeletromechanical systems, dynamics and control, and engineering and thermosciences.
  4. California Institute of Technology: The mechanical engineering of the university has a century long record of excellence. The graduate program is training future technological leaders. The best thing with the oriented programs they have is that they are enhancing the skills and knowledge of students. The research areas in the program include fracture mechanics, active materials, mechanical systems, optimization, microfluidic and others. These areas are included in control of aircraft engines, bioengineering, granular flows, vehicle structures, jet noise reduction, hyper redundant, navigation algorithms, locomotion and grasping, rapid assessment of early design and propulsion systems.
  5. University of Michigan: Not only graduate school social work is available here but the Mechanical engineering of the school is 10 year old with more than 75 professional faculty members. Faculty put theory into practice in areas which include Biosystems, design and manufacturing, environmental sustainability, fluid mechanics, combustion and heat transfer, and Microsystems and nanotechnology. There are also many things that students can choose from and they have several opportunities that they can have for themselves because University of Michigan is one of the best universities around the world when it comes to mechanical engineering program.

If you have what it takes to become a great mechanical engineer and you are passion to learn more about it, you should able to choose the best graduate school for you. Engaging yourself to the right university will help you a lot to be educated that is why begin to check out the right institution for you.

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