Masters Degree Scholarships

Earning a master’s degree is a great privilege especially for international students – a privilege that can also signify hardship. There are many deserving students around the world who are aspiring to get a masters degree in their dream graduate school programs but the sail to success is not always smooth.

To fulfill the dreams of these aspiring students and fuel their drive to strive more to succeed, private and public organizations grant masters degree scholarships to those who deserve the prize. For international students the following are the most common scholarships grants:

  1. Fulbright Foreign Student Program – It is one of the prestigious international scholarships arranged for international students who want to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree in the US. Fulbright provides funds to students during their studies in best graduate schools of America. It also covers other educational expenses such as tuition, health insurance and fare. It also provides a living salary for well-deserved students.
  2. British Chevening Scholarships – For international students who want to pursue graduate degree programs in United Kingdom, the UK government has a scholarship awarded to well-deserved students in their fields of study. It covers expenses for a year of master’s degree, a return ticket to UK, tuition fee and allowances.
  3. Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship Awards – If you are planning to pursue your postgraduate studies in Australia but you perceive that you need financial assistance – and that you are confident of you grades, you can seek the Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship awards. It provides financial support – in full – for international students. It also provides assistance to students who want to conduct research studies in the country. For Masters Degree, Endeavor gives a total scholarship value up to $AUD 118,500. This includes allowance – both for travel and establishment, monthly salary, full tuition fees and health insurance for the student.
  4. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme–If you are pursuing postgraduate degree in arts and literature, there is no other place but top graduate programs in France. However, living and studying in France can be deeply expensive foreign students. This is why the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs created the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme assists foreign students in their Masters degree in French universities. Although it does not cover tuition fees, it, however provides monthly allowance amounting to €1,181. It also covers numerous expenditures, such as cultural activities during studies, are turn ticket and health insurance.
  5. Gates Cambridge Scholarships – The Gates Cambridge Scholarships grant fully paid awards for qualified students who want to pursue scholarships for master’s degree at the University of Cambridge. It does not limit the subject of specialty and is open to all students from any country. Gates Cambridge Scholarships pays all university expenses during the study. These include airplane ticket, maintenance allowances, university fees, airfare, and in some case, dependent’s allowance.

Your ticket to a better future is not always bound to the country where you earned your bachelor’s degree. Sometimes, life and career may encourage further studies somewhere further. In today’s trend, scholarships are possible even for those who live across mile. If life does not permit you to fly abroad to pursue studies, don’t worry. There are universities that also offer best online graduate programs that allow students to earn their masters degree and research studies without leaving home.

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