Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Engineering

Why apply to Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineering school?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology school of engineering is recognized worldwide as being one of the best graduate engineering schools in the world. Acceptance alone lends credibility to a student’s capabilities. When you are accepted to MIT, you are considered the best of the best. Every year MIT accepts around 2000 new graduate students overall. These students represent some 250 American colleges and universities as well as around 190 foreign universities from 60 different countries. Getting into any Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineering program is hard, but successful completion of any MIT engineering program is a huge career boost.

Application to Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineering programs

MIT has approximately 24,000 applicants to its graduate programs on a yearly basis, with 45 percent applying for one of the engineering programs. The basic requirements to be admitted into a MIT graduate program include:

  • 4 year degree from a college, university or technical school of acceptable standing
  • GRE test for most programs. The Graduate Record Examination general test and an appropriate subject test are required by most departments.
  • IELTS exam.
  • TOEFL for non-native English speakers. The minimum test score is 577 and some departments may require higher.
  • Letters of evaluation
  • 75 dollar application fee

Additional requirements are on a program by program basis and may include personal statements and evidence of professional promise. Applicants to Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineering programs is extremely competitive, and if accepted, tuition is approximately $43,000 a year for full time students. We offer a service that can assist you both with application requirements to graduate school, and with getting financial aid for Massachusetts Institute of Technology mechanical engineering programs or any other MIT graduate programs.

Get help with your Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineering program application

Our service offers help with the application process to the best graduate school programs in the world, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineering programs. We know the requirements for admission to top graduate school programs and can assist you in selecting the graduate school program best suited to fulfill your needs. Our admissions specialists are also familiar with different scholarships and grants that graduate school applicants can turn to for financial aid. Our service provides information and advice in the following areas:

  • Research opportunities
  • Internships – Hands on practical experience in the field
  • Financial aid programs – Scholarship and grants available.
  • Academic requirements Grade point averages and test scores for admission
  • Career opportunities in the field and for graduates of specific schools

If you are considering graduate school, contact us for knowledgeable advice for specific programs, and assistance in choosing the best graduate school program to suit your needs.

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