List of Top Graduate Schools For Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is specializing in treating and evaluating disease, body disorders that result from injury and other mental conditions. Graduates with a PhD or master degrees in physical therapy can choose to become human factors specialists, physical therapists, medical doctors and others.

Top Graduate Schools For Physical Therapy

  • Washington University: The institution is an independent institution and known because of its distinguished faculty, commitment to research, excellent programs, service to the community and teaching. The school is always in the rank for the best physical therapy and the best thing is that they are offering three graduate physical therapy programs.
  • Canyon University: It is a private university and a prestigious Christian institution that is accredited regionally. The school emphasizes individual attention so that student will be skilled and learn the things they need to learn.  With them, you gain skills and knowledge you really need to become successful in your career.
  • Walden University: The institution is known because of their experienced faculty, high academic standards and rigorous curriculum. Their graduate program in physical therapy is intended in enhancing the quality of life for students. The school helps their students for career advancement and personal enrichment.
  • Capella University: To become part of the school and able to study physical therapy, students must need to complete online application and requirements. The school is accredited and it includes potential success for career of students. The physical therapy of the school was designed to meet the needs of students by completing course of work.
  • Duke University: The program is offering exciting physical therapy educational programs. They are committed to preparing students in practicing dynamic clinical environment and meet the needs of them through ever-changing health care system.

For students seeking graduate school physical therapy, you can search online but if you do not want to have a hard time searching for the best graduate schools, choose from the list above. The schools are well reputed, highly qualified in offering physical therapy program and well known both nationally and internationally. If you are ready to become a great and professional physical therapist, start to enroll now!

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