List of Top Graduate Schools For Biology

A graduate degree in biology gives a chance to students in having a broad knowledge in life sciences. There are many universities that are offering many specialties like molecular and cell biology. If you are searching for the best school for biology out of top 10 graduate schools, check this out!

Top Graduate Schools For Biology

  • Stanford University: The university is one of the world’s leading universities in research. It was recognized as one of the top graduate schools in the country. The biology program is one of the institutions consistently in the highest rank by US News & World Report. The program is offering extra research opportunities and helping students to get the best job in the industry. It also offers a great exposure to biology specific applications.
  • Harvard University: In the year 1636, the school was founded. It is the oldest university of higher learning in Harvard. The biology program of the school is offering two distinct programs that can lead to a PhD in biology. In fact, students can choose between tracks in cells, organisms and molecules or physical and engineering biology. Harvard University is offering a doctorate in biology that focuses on plant, animal and microbial ecosystems.
  • Boston University: The university if offering a graduate program in biology that concerns in molecular biology and genetics, behavioral biology, cell biology and conservation biology. They are also offering quantitative biology and neurobiology.
  • Carnegie Mellon University: It is of the top private and best graduate schools for biology. It is a private research university that provides a wide range of collaborative opportunities for research and independent study.
  • Columbia University: The biology program of Columbia University prepares students for a wonderful career in medicine, basic research, biotechnology and public health. They are offering all kinds of biological organization to students. They have collaborative opportunities for students in order to become one of the best graduates of the school.

Studying biology is not an easy thing and when you like to pursue your education into graduate degree, you have a nice decision but keep in mind that you need to choose and have the best institution so that you are assured you will learn everything about biology.

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