List of The Best Pediatric Programs

Pediatrics is one of the medical specialties for medical students. It focuses on treatment and care for children and the good thing is that there are fellowships and residency programs that students can found in universities around the world. Students can enter the institution by completing the requirements of the school.

Best Pediatric Fellowship Programs for Medical Students

  1. Stanford University: The University is one of the best national ranking for pediatric program. The institution is home foe numerous degrees that include Doctor of Medicine as well as PhD programs. They are offering a fellowship program for students including training at hospitals and pediatrics clinics.
  2. University of Washington: In the year 2012, the university is the first ranking for best pediatric fellowship programs. Today, the school is still in the high ranking that makes them a good choice. They are offering graduate and undergraduate for students. Students will be provided with training programs in pediatric endocrinology, adolescent medicine, pediatric infectious disease, perinatal medicine and pediatric Rheumatology.
  3. University of North Carolina: The school is the first public school in the country. It is one of the top pediatric programs in the world that offers an accredited pediatric specialty and pediatric clerkship. In fact, the school is the second medical university when it comes to primary care instruction.
  4. Indiana University: The pediatric program is designed in helping students to become an outstanding leader and clinicians in pediatrics, community and academics. They are providing a well-rounded training for students’ great future career. The institution has built-in flexibility program that’s designed for individual needs.
  5. Duke University: Duke University is one of the top pediatric programs in the world and in medical school specialty ranking of American’s Best Graduate Schools. They have a great reputation that helps students to become the best of them. They have accredited curriculum that meets international and national standards.

If you want to become a great pediatrician, you need to enter one of top medical schools. The listed universities above are the best, top and leading. Your studies will never be compromised with them but it is important that you able to complete the application process and requirements. Apply to the best pediatric program today!

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