List of IMG Friendly Surgery Residency Programs

IMG Friendly Surgery Residency Programs

img friendly surgery residency programs

If you are seeking for residency programs in surgery, this article will give the best list you should not miss to check this guide and discover the right one for your residency education.

So hurry up to check a list of the best general surgery residency programs now!

Surgery IMG Friendly Residency Programs List

  1. St Mary’s Hospital: To know the applicant requirements, it is important to check the website for the program.
  2. Waterbury Hospital: For applicant requirements, students should graduate within the last five years and one of the best IMG friendly surgery residency programs around the world.
  3. Christiana Health Care Services: It is situated in Delaware and students should apply through ERAS.
  4. University of Miami: Residents should apply through ERAS and submit 3 recommendation letters.
  5. Halifax Medical Center: Residents should graduate within the last three years to become part of this IMG friendly surgery program.
  6. University of Florida: You need to apply through ERAS and submit three minimum LORs.
  7. Jackson Health University: There is no USCE required for the application requirements.
  8. University of South Florida: Students must apply through the ERAS to qualify.
  9. University of Cincinnati: Choose the schools for quality patient care and more services.
  10. University of Kentucky: They are proud in offering their program and have good reputation.

How to Choose IMG Friendly Surgery Residency Programs

  • Make a research: If you want to know all the programs who are offering residency program, the internet will help you to find the best IMG friendly general surgery residency programs. If you have an internet connection at home use it in knowing what you need to know. Enter what you like to know and start to do the research.
  • Visit the website of the program: If you have listed the programs you want, it is better to check their website. In their website, you will know the complete information on how to apply to their IMG residency program. Read it carefully until you understand what they want and what you should submit.
  • Ask your friends or parents: There are details that your parents or friends know that you don’t know or you can’t search. It is better to ask them because they can give you suggestions on what you should do. You are lucky if they can able to give you some list of programs you can apply to.

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Grab the Opportunity to Apply at IMG friendly neurosurgery residency Programs

You will have many competitors around the world. To make your paper better, you can check information in IMG friendly family medicine residency programs which can bring you a positive effect. Some of them came from top-notch medical universities and some of them came from prestigious schools. With that, you should be inspired in applying. The committee will be the one to decide on whom they choose that is why be confident in applying and grab the opportunity to satisfy and impress them with your excellent records.

Begin choosing from one of the IMG friendly neurosurgery residency programs today!

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