List of IMG Friendly Pediatric Residency Programs

IMG Friendly Pediatric Residency Programs

img friendly pediatric residency programs

International medical graduates deserve more and if they are looking for a help in furthering their education or they want to learn and be trained, then IMG residency program will be their help. For the top pediatric residency programs to choose from, here it is!

List of IMG Friendly Residency Programs

  1. Cleveland Clinic: The school belongs to the best IMG friendly pediatric residency programs and they are seeking a diverse group that is motivated.
  2. University of Kansas: They have the commitment to families and patients.
  3. BayState University: Their program is accredited and giving all experience aspects to students.
  4. Metrohealth, Cleveland: The program is designed for giving a well-balanced and comprehensive experience.
  5. Baylor, San Antonio: It is a good school for pediatric that you should check out.
  6. Texas Tech University: They have a comprehensive curriculum to offer to students.
  7. Jackson Health: For many years, they help many IMG to get the career they deserve.
  8. Monmouth Medical Center: They are proud to offer a residency program to students to know more medical knowledge and patient care.
  9. University of Tennessee: The school offers dynamic residency training.
  10. Beaumont University: The program is offering robust training to residents.

pediatric residency application help

Tips in Choosing IMG Friendly Pediatric Residency Programs

pediatric residency personal statement sample

  • Start early: In choosing your pediatric IMG friendly family medicine residency programs, you need to start early because it will give you more time to know about the schools that are offering the program to students or graduates.
  • Research: Doing a research will help you a lot. Of course, you do not know all the information and you do not have any ideas on what you should submit in that program. With that in mind, you need to make a research online.
  • Get a help: Getting a helping from your sibling and parents is a good idea. If there are many things that you will do and you do not have enough time, ask their help, but be sure they are looking for the top ranking programs on the web.

IMG Friendly Residency Programs List

Showing that you are the best will help you a lot with the assistance of IMG friendly internal medicine residency programs. You have many competitors and not all residency programs will accept all students who are applying. There are limited slots that are why you should be sure to show your great competence effectively.

Start to choose the best IMG friendly pediatric residency programs today!

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