List of IMG Friendly Orthopedic Residency Programs

IMG Friendly Orthopedic Residency Programs

img friendly orthopedic residency programs

International medical graduates or also known as IMG are scattered around the world. Most of them are looking for residency programs. For example, IMG friendly pathology residency programs. If you also want to apply for IMG friendly radiology residency programs, search the web, ask your friends or read this page.

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Best List of Orthopedic Residency Programs

  1. Boston University: They are extremely busy in helping students to their achievement and one of the great IMG friendly orthopedic residency programs you need to check out.
  2. UCLA: There do not have any discrimination against students applying.
  3. Stanford University: For a successful career, the school will be your assistance and help. You just need to write a good orthopedic residency personal statement to get admitted.
  4. John Hopkins University: The university is a good place for residency program and they are always consistent to be on top.
  5. Maryland University: They are offering an excellent education to medical students the time they are accepted.
  6. University of Massachusetts: For quality education in orthopedic, the school can be your help.
  7. Duke University: It is a good place for education, but it is mandatory to check the website to know all the details needed.
  8. Case Western University: Their education is not so much expensive and if you successfully avail of their program, you have a good choice.
  9. Cleveland University: To be sure of what you want, make sure that you will complete first the requirements.
  10. Mayo University: The location of the school is nice as well as the faculty. They help you to learn all the things you need.

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The Help of Residency Programs

There are many benefits that residency programs, as well as nurse practitioner residency programs, can give to you. They make sure that you will be satisfied, trained and skilled. The program will be your guide and help to meet your goals. If you want to excel in the field you choose, the residency program will be your answer.

Get Started With

You should not hesitate to apply for the resident program because it can be your one-stop solution. There are many programs that helped students and they are not successful in the field they choose. If you think that residency program is good for you, then you should apply today.  In addition, if you’re interested in different residency programs, you can check out a list of anesthesiology IMG friendly residency programs.

Apply to these IMG friendly orthopedic residency programs today!

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