List of IMG Friendly Ophthalmology Residency Programs

IMG Friendly Ophthalmology Residency Programs

img friendly ophthalmology residency programs

There are numerous IMG friendly ophthalmology residency programs on the internet you can choose from. If you are looking for ophthalmology programs, check this page.

List of Best Residency Programs for Ophthalmology

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  1. University of Michigan: Students will be exposed to clinical rotations and other specialties.
  2. Stanford University: They are offering 3 years program that is designed in providing intensive surgical and clinical training.
  3. Yale University: They are training future leaders in both academic and clinical ophthalmology.
  4. University of Chicago: It is one of the largest residency programs in the nation and they also have competitive ophthalmology program.
  5. University of Iowa: The residency program is one of the top choices of students because they are helping to the fullest all their residents until they graduate.
  6. UC Davis: They have premier training programs in the nation.
  7. University of San Francisco: They have full-time faculty and have large clinical faculty.
  8. Drexel University: They have fully accredited residency program and numerous clinical activities.
  9. Loma Linda University: They are offering 3-year program that is designed to give intensive clinical training.
  10. Stony Brook University: Students should meet all requirements to qualify.

Choosing the Best Program

Whether you are looking for IMG friendly IM residency programs or ophthalmology residency programs, you need to invest time searching the web to choose the perfect one for you. You will not able to get what you want if you just search one or two schools. To qualify, you need to search for at least ten best schools offering residency program.

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Get Help

If you need a help, you can get online. There are free databases and forums that you can visit to help you in searching for more programs or universities. You can also communicate with other individuals because they can give you suggestions on how to choose and what kind of school you should enter. Moreover, you can find appropriate information from img friendly orthopedic residency programs.

If you are done in searching, you should not waste your time. You need to start applying for you to complete all the requirements on time. Keep in mind that the competition is strong and you need to do your best. Start to check out the best ophthalmology residency programs and choose the one that interests you.

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