List of IMG Friendly Neurology Residency Programs

IMG Friendly Neurology Residency Programs

img friendly neurology residency programs

Many universities, institutions or schools are helping students to further their education or to support their education. If you are one of them who are in need of a help, you are lucky because many IMG friendly surgery residency programs are available.

Neurology IMG Friendly Residency Programs List

Neurology Residency Personal Statement Sample

  1. University of Rochester : They require good TOEFL scores and three rotations.
  2. NIH: Students should have exceptional scores on their language proficiency exam.
  3. Yale University: They have good coordinators that will help residents and one of the superb neurology IMG friendly residency programs you should visit.
  4. Harvard University : You are lucky to become part of the school because you can undergo intensive training.
  5. Emory University: In applying, you need to hurry up because there are many applicants.
  6. University of Wisconsin: Students will be evaluated first before they enter the program.
  7. Weill Cornell University: Students should submit an academic record and excellent letter of intent.
  8. Northwestern University: Residents are required to submit LOR, TOEFL scores and personal statement.
  9. NYU: You need to be competitive to win the competition and be qualified.
  10. University of Massachusetts: You should check out the requirements before you apply to qualify.

neurology residency application assistance

Neurology IMG Friendly Residency Programs List: Best Tips

In applying, you should think carefully. You can check information from neurology residency programs where you can find tips and tricks for your paper. You should not just apply to the first program that you find. It is better if you list down all the programs you want and apply to each of them. Be sure that you meet the requirements before you will apply. If there is one requirement that you can’t meet, do not apply because you will waste your time. Check for programs where you can submit all the requirements.

Do your best and apply for the best neuropsychiatry fellowship programs too!

Apply Early for Neurology IMG Friendly Residency Programs

If you’re looking for US IMG friendly residency programs, there are schools that will review application even though it is not yet the deadline. They do not want to read many applications on the deadline that is why they are starting to read some applications that submitted by students ahead of time. With that, you need to apply early. You should only apply if you completed all the materials needed.

Check out this IMG friendly neurology residency programs list and become professional in your chosen field today!

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