List of FMG Residency Programs

Best FMG Residency Programs 2016

fmg residency programs

International Medical Graduates is also known as Foreign Medical Graduates. If you are looking for FMG, you should exactly know what you will do and choose. If you want to know the best lists of programs, check this out!

List of FMG Residency Programs

  1. University of Alabama: With it, you need to have strong faculty sponsor to apply for the program. It is important that you know what to submit in this FMG residency.
  2. Albert Einstein: They are offering five affiliate institutions and no Ind or Pak schools are eligible.
  3. Wayne State University: This is one of the best FMG friendly residency programs you might want to choose. They are highly respected by students and other schools.
  4. Albany University: It is affiliated with some schools in India, but they are not affiliated with schools in Pakistan.
  5. Tufts University: It is expensive, but if you get their residency program, you are lucky. They are offering good curriculum.
  6. Thomas Jefferson University: The application requirements and materials are not given on the website and it is essential to request from the registrar or student coordinator.
  7. MSKCC: Since there are slots available, American students mostly occupy it.
  8. University of Pennsylvania: They are accepting students from selected medical universities.
  9. Southwestern University: The requirements are though that is why applying early is suggested.
  10. East Carolina University: They are friendly in offering rotations, but students should complete the requirements.

Choosing Foreign Medical Graduates

FMG residents must ask other students on what they do to qualify for the residency program. Doing this will help them in choosing and it is important to be sure that they check each website of the program they want. You can find tips and tricks from medical residency programs also.

Start Applying

As early as possible, it is important to apply because of many applications that are submitted online. Early application will give you advantage to increase your chance to be accepted compared to application submitted on the exact deadline. You can get to know more information about advantages from img friendly anesthesiology residency programs.

Start to choose the best residency program and ensure that you able complete the requirements. Do well and take your time. You should make sure that each of the requirements you submit is competitive enough.

Apply at FMG residency programs today!

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