John Hopkins University School Of Nursing

John Hopkins University school of nursing graduate program options

John Hopkins University school of nursing has a worldwide reputation for the quality of education it provides to students. It is rated among the top nursing school programs available. Current trends in nursing are leading to more applicants to graduate nursing school programs, and John Hopkins University has made adjustments to it nursing school graduate options to meet increased demand. The three graduate program options John Hopkins University nursing school currently offers and the admission requirements of each are:

  1. Masters Entry into Nursing program – Bachelors degree in a non-nursing field and 17-20 credits of prerequisite course work with a grade of B or better, 2 letters of recommendation, academic, 1 letter of recommendation, professional, GRE scores, written goal statement and current resume. TOEFL results if applicable
  2. PhD in Nursing – Graduate of a bachelors or masters nursing program, written statement of research goals, GRE scores, GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, writing sample, resume or CV, three letters of recommendation and copy of RN license if applicable
  3. Doctor of Nursing Practice – Bachelors degree in nursing, masters degree in nursing with a 3.0 GPA, RN and APRN certification, three letters of recommendation, transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, resume or CV, goal statement and project proposal

Comparison of graduate school nursing programs

Most applicants to graduate nursing school programs will examine several possible alternatives based on their own particular criteria. A comparison of John Hopkins University school of nursing and other graduate schools for example University of Pennsylvania nursing school may focus on:

  • School ranking
  • Tuition cost
  • Financial aid options
  • Admission requirements
  • Location
  • Combination of two or more criteria

The overall best graduate school choice for one applicant, may not suit the needs of another. Graduate school selection should be on a case by case basis. Researching all criteria for 8 to 10 programs can get confusing, but our graduate school selection and admission service makes the process easier.

Using our graduate school services

The graduate school selection and admissions service we offer can assist those considering graduate programs in a number of different ways including:

  • School selection. We can offer efficient school comparisons based on your criteria, for schools that interest you, as well as offer alternatives that you might not know about.
  • Advise and guide you through the admissions process of different graduate school programs. The admissions process can often be confusing and frustrating, and our extensive experience can be used to your advantage.
  • Make you aware of different financial aid options that are available to you.

Don’t go into graduate school selection and application blindfolded. Contact us and benefit from our graduate school expertise.

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