IMG Friendly Residency Programs

Although seeking residency in the United States may seem formidable, there are a number of excellent IMG friendly residency programs available for those international medical graduates who qualify. To receive the highest consideration it is best to try to meet or exceed all criteria, needless to say about winning residency personal statement sample.

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Criteria That You Should Expect IMG Friendly Internal Medicine Residency Programs to Ask For

  • High US Medical Licensing Exam scores. Most IMG-friendly residency programs demand a minimum of 80 on your USMLE scores, with some demanding no less than a score of 88.

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  • Western experience. This include medical practice in Canada, Australia, and the UK. This could be replaced by high USMLE scores, or with enough experience it could replace the minimum test score requirement.
  • Maximum amount of years between graduation and application for residency. Many programs, especially highly competitive programs such as the IMG friendly internal medicine residency programs, set graduation year restrictions, some as low as 5 years, but some up to 10 years.

Remember the importance of networking. Excellent networking contacts can make it possible to forego the formal criteria. For your part, you must also follow a set of criteria in choosing the residency program that most suits your needs.

Be clear on your branch of medicine, but concentrate on the most accessible programs.

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 The top 8 IMG Friendly Residency Programs 2018

IMG Friendly Internal Medicine Residency Programs

Internal medicine is a great choice when thinking about choosing a specialty since a rate of IMG acceptance for internal medicine residency programs is much higher in compliance with other specialties. So, although competition is fierce, acceptance of international graduates is high.

  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Internal Medicine Residency Program. As one of the top leading medical schools in the world, they offer a training program in internal medicine with a wide range of opportunities for applicants. They provide their interns with full support in their medical research, including administrative support so interns have an ability to present their work at conferences of a different level.
  • Stanford Internal Medicine Residency Training Program. This top-ranked medical school offers broad clinical experience, supportive teaching faculty, and career placement. You will not only get a needed knowledge but also will develop your clinical skills through practice.
IMG Friendly Pediatric Residency Programs

International graduates are encouraged to apply because of the global demand for pediatric excellence in medicine.

  • University of Buffalo Pediatric Residency Program. Whether you are interested in primary care, pediatric radiology, or pediatric surgery this medical training will give you all the needed knowledge and skills for a future career.
  • Northwestern University Pediatrics Residency Program. This is another one top-ranked residency training offer a work in pediatric research and teaching hospitals. This program incorporates education in population health, global health, community health and research for all residents.
IMG Friendly Psychiatry Residency Programs

This field is continuing to increasingly open its doors to international graduates.

  • University of Virginia Psychiatry Residency Program. Being leaders in medicine they offer big research opportunities. A large number of highly competitive applicants from around the world shows that this medical training is a great start for you.
  • UC San Diego Psychiatry Residency Program. As one of the top schools for psychiatric residency, they offer a strong training with practical experiences for residents. After this program, you can go on to a variety of positions all over the world.
IMG Friendly  Ob/Gyn Residency Programs

The criteria for entrance is often less complicated and strict than other programs.

  • Duke University Ob/Gyn Residency Program. This 4-year training program from a university that rated one of the top health systems in the US, offers great opportunities for research in women’s healthcare.
  • Yale School of Medicine Ob/Gyn Residency Program. Through this ACGME-accredited residency program, you can get an experience in general obstetric and gynecologic outpatient care, as well as ambulatory experience.
IMG Friendly Surgery Residency Programs

Getting a match into surgery for international medical graduates is harder than into residency programs above, because of a bit different requirements for this residency.

  • Wayne State School of Medicine Surgery Residency Program. This high-quality faculty with over 75-year history offers a 5-year training program that combines research opportunities, as well as excellent patient care opportunities.
  • UW School of Medicine Surgery Residency Program. With over 70-year history university trained hundreds of surgeon specialists. This ACGME-accredited training program combines surgical education with great opportunities for clinical research.
IMG Friendly Neurology Residency Programs

There are no special requirements in applying for neurology residency, but all applicants must be submitted through ERAS. After the residency program is complete you will have a diverse amount of career options.

  • Cornell Neurology Residency Program. As one of the leading academic medical centers, they are offering a competitive neurology education with an opportunity to participate in science research.
  • UCSD Neurology Residency Program. This 3-year training program ranks first out of 90 competitors and provides with broad-based residency experience in neurology.
IMG Friendly Radiology Residency Programs

About 57% of IMGs applicants of this 5-year programs successfully matched. For this residency programs, you must to complete an accredited transitional year or preliminary medicine and then it comes to 4-year training in radiology.

  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Radiology Residency Program. This medical center has over 35 hospitals and provides their trainees with unparalleled academic and clinical experience in a supportive environment.
  • Michigan Medical School Radiology Residency Program. This faculty conduct research in all areas of radiology and additionally offers 2-year Healthcare Administration Scholars Program, which covers all facets of healthcare administration and leadership.
IMG Friendly Pathology Residency Programs

This 3 or 4-year residency program’s rate of acceptance for international graduates is very high, but at least 1-year experience within the US or Canadian hospitals can boost your chances to match.

  • Cleveland Clinic Pathology Residency Program. This medical center has 10 regional hospitals and 19 family health centers. They offer constantly growing training with many resources available and great research opportunities.
  • Howard University Pathology Residency Program. As one of the top-ranked universities, they have a high standard of professionalism and offer 4-year clinical and anatomic pathology training. They prioritize education in pathology and provide residents with lots of opportunities for research, including conferences.

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Top 10 IMG Friendly Residency Programs by Places

Maimonides Medical Center Program, NY

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Maimonides is the Brooklyn campus for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The program provides opportunities to get some practice in internal medicine.  The main objective is to balance academic and clinical activities to bring the most valuable experience. You’ rather apply via ERAS, otherwise, there are high chances of your application being unnoticed.

Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center Program, NY

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Lincoln Center Program gives you a chance to apply to various residency programs, including psychiatry, which is one of the best IMG friendly residencies. It is located in the South Bronx and is fully accredited by the ACGME. You will be responsible to take care of the patients of different socio-economic, cultural, age groups, which bring much diversity into work.

Wayne State University Detroit, MI

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It is one of the largest teaching centers across the country. Wayne State University mainly focuses on rotation, in terms of its residency programs to give a deeper insight and broader understanding of clinical medicine. The programs are the integration of the highest academic standards, research resources, and supportive environment.

Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL

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Rush University Medical Center has all new technology to offer for a resident. You should not worry if you are new here, as Rush University treats everyone like a family and do care about your training. The faculty members here often translate research they do into clinical care. Here you will not only read about the difficult cases, but will experience them.

Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR

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The main emphasis of Oregon Health and Science University is your academic excellence throughout your training experience. It aims to balance your personal and professional needs to get the highest quality experience for both sides. The university offers the variety of IMG friendly residency programs, from anesthesiology to urology.

Coney Island Hospital Program, NY

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It has over 371 beds within 290,000 ambulatory visits annually, which is not bad result at all. There are 3 main buildings with lots of units, including Telemetry, Gynecology Inpatient unit and so forth. The main goal of the residency programs here is to make the residents fully competent specialists with a broad spectrum of the skills. The chance to rotate makes it even more worth applying!

York Hospital Program, York, PA

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York Hospital offers a variety of residency programs, including dental, family medicine, surgery, pharmacy, emergency medicine etc. The top professors are leading residency programs and are in charge of guiding future M.D. Concerning family medicine, York Hospital program was among the first five pilot programs in the US. So now they have over 40 years of family medicine experience education!Sounds impressive,  so you’d better check it out if you are into this field of studies.

New York Medical College (Sound Shore) Program, New Rochelle, NY

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There are lots of training programs to choose, though one of the main focuses is on internal medicine. It is created according to the American Board of Internal Medicine  Guidelines. Moreover, New Your Medical College is there to provide you with a superior supervision in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Be sure that you will have a chance to practice a lot, as well as participate in various medical conferences.

Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD

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The hospital enrolls lots of students annually, mainly to internal medicine program. A high interest of the applicants may say a lot about the quality of this program. In 2015-2016 there were about 300 interviews for only 52 positions, so the competition is really intense. International graduates should have at least 3 months of US clinical experience. And do not forget to apply via ERAS, otherwise, you will blow your chance from the very beginning.

Carney Hospital, Boston, MA

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The hospital has been serving the city of Boston since 1863. Now it has over 300 physicians with the annual number of 37,000 visits. Moreover, it is an affiliate of the Tufts University School of Medicine and offers IMG friendly residency programs in internal medicine and family medicine. What is really exciting, is that the Carney Hospital was given the award of the top hospitals in 2015 by the Leapfrog group.

Don’t forget about the importance of your IMG personal statement and do your best to make it outstanding!

Additional Criteria to Consider in IMG Friendly Residency Programs

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Take into consideration the following criteria:

  • Is it possible to pre-match online?
  • What are the visa requirements? Is the H1 sponsoring. Do I need a Green Card?
  • Are their in-house fellowships offered?
  • Is housing assistance offered?

As medicine becomes a more global field, more and more IMG Friendly residency school will be implemented and acceptance made more accessible. Resources are available online for your search, with the lists being upgraded frequently, so check often when doing your research.

Choose the best among IMG friendly internal medicine residency programs!