How to Write LoR for Internal Medicine Residency

Internal medicine residency personal statement and letters of recommendation should be uploaded on ERAS and a good letter is a great tool in explaining your personal traits at the same time gives you the chance to set yourself apart from other candidates. With this, it must include the name of the person who refers you, his title and praises. This letter is important for medical students because the committee will get a hint and be familiar on what you have.

Structure of the Letters of Recommendation

lor for internal medicine residencyFor LOR for international medicine residency, it does not have word count, but it is limited to one page or two pages only. Here are some components in writing the letter of recommendation.

lor for internal medicine residencyLOR for residency must include assessment of strengths, preferably from working directly with her.

lor for internal medicine residencyAssessment about the performance of the student as resident and becoming future member of that specialty

lor for internal medicine residencyAnything that distinguish the applicant from other applicants

Here are other things you need to include in the structure of the LOR:

lor residencyAddress the letter to “dean program director”

lor residencyInclude student AAMS ID number

lor residencySpell the name of the application correctly

lor residencySign the LOR, either by scanning or printed copy

lor residencyPut letter on official letterhead

lor residencySave our letter as PDF file

Tips in Writing the LOR Residency

In writing the letter, it must be limited to one or two pages only. You should not write longer pages because it is boring to read and not acceptable.

lor for residencyHow you know the applicant: It is essential that you give ideas on how you know the person. You can tell whether you know her from clinical research or academic setting. You also need to tell about your relationship with her and the length of time you know her.

lor for residencyTailor your letter: Make sure that you give the readers a sense of application’s potential as future physician. You also need to give information on certain areas such as analytical skills, communication skills, attitude toward learning, intellectual ability, personal achievements, persistence and initiative.

lor for residencyBe specific: In writing the residency application for LOR, you need to provide specific examples of your observation about the student. You can tell stories about your experiences with her reflecting her professionalism, potential, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, clinical acumen, passion for medicine and much more. In writing, be sure to be specific all the time.

lor for residencyAvoid personal remarks: In writing the recommendation letter, you should not include information such as race, age, marital status, physical characteristics, children and other personal attributes. If you think that it is essential on the performance as well as potential of the applicant, you need to ask permission to the student if she wants to include that information in the letter.

lor for residencyConclude with overall recommendation: Make sure to indicate how well qualified the person is as future physician and good choice for the residency. Give comment on whether you will choose the applicant for residency program.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

lor for internal medicine residencyWrong choice: It is not good idea to choose someone who is unable to give objective opinion about your LOR. You should not get help from your family members because it does not carry any weight.

lor for internal medicine residencyAcademic references: As much as possible, you need to avoid asking the help of academic references. It is better to give professional recommendations for the committee to appreciate it.

lor for internal medicine residencyNot enough time: Do not think that the recommender can complete the time as soon as possible. Give him enough time and follow up about the progress.

lor for internal medicine residencyUsing old recommendations: If you do not want to undermine your credibility, then you should not use old recommendations. Recommendation letter must be related to recent performance.

lor for internal medicine residencyWriting on your own: Do not write your own recommendation because expert readers will know that you fake it.

Start to ask the right person to write your letter of recommendation. Be sure that you have a long-term relationship with them so that they can write a magnificent letter about your potential and qualities for best medical residency programs.

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