How to Plan Your Work Experience Transition Year in 2015-2016

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Transition year programs are intended for the development of emotional, physician, spiritual, vocational and intellectual capabilities of every student through learning experiences. The aim of it is that to prepare young individuals for their role as participative, responsible and autonomous members of the society.

Work Experience for Transition Year Students

  • Provides students with opportunities in developing their emotional, physician, spiritual, vocational and intellectual capabilities in caring

  • Provides transition between Senior and Junior cycles

  • Encourages students in achieving their potential in subject areas

  • Provides a balanced and broad curriculum

  • Provide students with opportunities for social and personal development

  • Help students in discovering their skills and talents

Work Experience Transition Year

In order to increase the likelihood of youth in obtaining employment, work experience is important. Through with it, students can able to learn job skills and to start identifying their interest, preferences as well as strengths for employment. There are many work experience for students, which include observing jobs, by trying out jobs through job sampling and others. Students can also be engage to in-depth internships either in community or school campus.

Work Experience Ideas for Transition Year

If you choose transition year medicine, there are great work experience ideas that you can do. You can try to work on clinics or hospitals so that you can learn more on what you need to do, what are the procedures, what they are doing and what are the important factors.

Students can also try teaching experience in relation to medicine in order to gain more ideas that they need the time they will study. It helps them to be prepared more and to increase the knowledge on the elements and procedures.

They can also try work experience requiring training for medicine. Aside from the experience they get, they will receive a formal training.

If you are planning for your work experience transition, you need to make a good decision. You need to think wisely what you will do and what you should not. Since it is for yourself and for your betterment, carefully planning is necessary. Finally, know first what transition year program or if you think about pediatric neurology residency personal statement you want before you make a plan on what work experience you will get.

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