How to Get Nursing Informatics Certification Online

how to get nursing informatics certification online

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If you want to get nursing informatics certification online, you need to enroll in school to get it. Getting the certificate is not easy that is why you need to do your best in choosing what university you need to choose.

Tops Nursing Informatics Certification Programs

  1. University of Cincinnati: It was founded in the year 1819 and has strong tradition when it comes to practical and relevant training. They are a recognized leader for online education and offer innovative educational experiences. Students should submit transcript, references, GPA score and personal statement.

  2. University of Illinois at Chicago: It is the first graduate program that was accredited by Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education. They are focus with social issues and organizational issues. Students must need to submit their official transcript of record, essays, complete application form, GRE and GPA score.

  3. University of San Francisco: They are helping students to expand their skills with goo focused and approach on healthcare informatics and management. If you want to add your skills on the program, enroll at the school. For admission, applicants should submit transcript, GRE score, GPA score, essay and references.

  4. Northeastern University: The school is offering curriculum with combination of business processes knowledge, technological understanding and familiarity on clinical workflows and processes. They deliver a high quality of education wherein students should submit personal statement, official transcript, professional references and letters of recommendation.

  5. Brandeis University: The school is providing students with analytical skills, knowledge on nursing informatics and organizational leadership abilities. They are featuring six courses as well as four electives. Students should submit valid transcript, essay, references, resume and essays.

  6. Boston University: It prepares students in identifying emerging and current information technologies. They help students to assess their skills and to have good knowledge about the program. For admission, students must need to submit letters of recommendation, essays, GPA score, GRE score and transcript.

  7. Adelphi University: It blends online learning on leadership practice, information technology and healthcare learning that will prepare students to become managers and developers on health information system.

  8. University of South Florida: They are offering 100% certification program for nursing informatics. They have focus on maintenance, design and implementation of information systems that support the process of decision-making health data. They are training students to become the best healthcare professionals and apply it to help patients.

  9. University of Tennessee: They are instilling healthcare professionals with strongest competencies for managing information. The program is focus in educating students and they have integrated program of research, education, public service and clinical care. The certificate program requires 9 semester hours.

  10. Rutgers University: The school is offering 100% online nursing informatics certificate program. They are training students for career opportunities such as specialists, educators, researchers, scientists as well as managers in working to healthcare facilities and hospitals.

  11. Drexel University: They are offering interdisciplinary program and one of the well-known schools in the world. They are enhancing skills of students and they are offering students to have the best experience that they can use the time they graduate.

  12. University of Mississippi: The school is preparing students in managing patient care, reimbursement, planning, medical legal issues, evaluation and research. Students reviews health care data security, health informatics administration, clinical data analysis and others.

  13. University of Central Florida: The nursing informatics program was established in meeting the demand for healthcare informatics. The program is focus in providing students comprehensive foundation in clinical, business, clinical aspects and others.

  14. nursing informatics certificationRegis University: The program was designed for students to advance their knowledge about the workflow design, security management, systems planning as well as electronic healthcare information. The program includes curriculum on leadership development, project management and ethics.

  15. University of Maryland: The program is preparing students to become professional. Students will have a high quality of education that will help them to have a professional and good career the time they finish the program.

  16. Grand Canyon University: If you want to improve your knowledge about patient outcomes and decision-making, the school will help you. Students will be prepared with information technology with quality assessment, healthcare project management and systems operations.

  17. Walden University: It helps students to increase their patient access on healthcare, improve diagnosis, outcomes of disease and others. The program is covering subjects like legal regulatory, project management and others.

  18. Kaplan University: It offers 100% online certificate in health informatics and allowing students to work with resources and processes. The program also covers healthcare procedures and public policy in supporting informatics innovation.

  19. Southern New Hampshire University: It reviews strategies in implementing healthcare informatics and helping students to become the best.

  20. Anna Maria College: The school is preparing students for analytical and management roles. It also covers ethical and legal issues that are associated with healthcare data.

General Admission Requirements of Certification in Nursing Informatics

For nurse informatics certification, schools asked admission requirements, which include the resume, GRE score, official transcript of record, GPA, personal statement, essays and letters of recommendation. These are some of the requirements that online school will ask students to submit.

Career Outlook for Certification in Nursing informatics

Nursing informatics salary vary based on lots of factors like physical location, type of healthcare, exact scope and education. In HIMSS 2011 nursing informatics workforce survey that was conducted by healthcare information and management systems society, it provided that the median salary of nurse informatics was 88,000 dollars. Each year, the salary for nurse informatics varies but the salary is high compared to other careers out there. Nursing informatics is a nice job and profession. Try to allot time to find out more about nursing informatics programs.

If you want the degree, you need to start applying now. This page listed the best and top universities you can choose from. Start to become a healthcare professional today by meeting all the required requirements. You need to choose wisely to be educated and get a high quality of education.

Do not waste your time and start looking for the best school that is perfect for you!

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