How to Get Medical Informatics Degree Online

how to get medical informatics degree online

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Enrolling medical informatics degree like health informatics degree helps you to further your career and take a higher move in the industry. If you are interested in the field, it is a good option because it helps you in improving your skills on patient care, healthcare filed and technology.

Best Medical Informatics Degree Online

  1. Northwestern University: Students must need to take 11 courses as the minimum and some of the courses include thesis research, med informatics and others. The school received academic programming as one of the well-known universities.

  2. Nova Southeastern University: The degree on medical informatics can be completed online wherein it required 43 credit hours. Some of the credit hours earned in classes include survey of medical informatics, healthcare as well as clinical decision support.

  3. Drexel University: The medical informatics degree is offered online completely and students can choose what course they want to take. It includes classes on healthcare informatics, database management and social issues in healthcare informatics. You can expect to learn how you can enhance health outcomes in different settings.

  4. Northeastern University: The program is offered for convenience and they are providing students with great interaction to faculty and fellow classmates. Students can complete the degree in 2 and half years. 33 semester hours are required in courses like health systems lab, date management in health care as well as project management.

  5. University of South Florida: It is a top tier medical university and in the program, you can learn more about inter professional education. The program is offering innovative curriculum. The school offers social networking, visual whiteboards and live chat rooms.

  6. University of Central Florida: The degree program does not require prior experience and they have competitive program. There will be a seminar as part of the completion of the program.

  7. Walden University: Some of the courses include research methods, quantitative analysis, and health informatics as well as health information technology. It utilized MobileLearn and online format that provides students convenience and flexibility to learn.

  8. Saint Joseph’s University: It prepares students to have leadership positions in healthcare field. It requires classes including health information management, health care and others.

  9. Adelphi University: The program is perfect for students with various backgrounds.

  10. Sacred Heart University: The faculty is engaged with students for them to be educated. The faculty provides regular virtual office hours that include chat sessions, webinars and video conferencing. Students will study on effective communications, healthcare information exchange and healthcare informatics.

  11. Southern New Hampshire University: The program is offering on campus and online studies. Students learn in developing and managing health information systems that will provide the needed skills for students for future professions.

  12. College of St. Scholastica: The school was founded in the year 1935 and they are one of the well-respected university. Students will know how to manage health records for them to help professionals in delivering the best care.

  13. medical informatics degree onlineValparaiso University: The medical informatics is offered online and it includes nine courses like quality health care management, understanding health care organizations, quality health care and ethics in health care.

  14. University of Washington: Numerous methods will know by students and when they study online, they will have access on chat rooms, video presentations, discussion boards and live web conferencing. There are numerous courses that can have by students.

  15. New England College: Some of the courses include marketing management, principles of health informatics, strategic planning and policy as well as knowledge management in healthcare. There are things you can learn from the school.

  16. American Sentinel University: It is accredited by Accrediting Commission of Distance Education and Training Council. Some of the courses required for the degree include health care strategic management, health care systems and much more. Students will know how to apply the skills they will learn from the school.

  17. University of Cincinnati: Students will be educated if they choose the school because it is one of the best-listed universities offering medical informatics degree. The school is offering well-balanced education that includes information technology, leadership development, and healthcare education and information systems training.

  18. Louisiana Tech University: It is accredited by CAHIM and students can choose to enroll during summer, spring or fall semesters. Students will be engage to online lecturers, electronic bulletin board, digital drop box and email.

  19. University of Illinois Chicago: Students will have access in all things they need. Choosing the degree program of the university will enhance their skills to the fullest.

  20. University of Tennessee: The program needs 33 credit hours for the degree to be completed. Some of the courses include concepts of research methodology, leadership for health information as well as non-thesis research project.

Admission Requirements for Medical Informatics Degrees

  • Personal statement
  • Test scores
  • References
  • Resume
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Transcript of records from all attended schools

Career Outlook for Medical Informatics Degrees

The career outlook for medical professional is excellent and for people who specialize in particular area of healthcare like nursing informatics. Since the health care information technology is expanded and improved, there are open positions for medical informatics specialists. The overall employment is projected to grow 22% between 2018 and 2018 as surveyed by US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Online compensation site PayScale said that the salary range for medical informatics specialist between 63,346 and 89,290 dollars. For nurse informatics, the annual salary is 59,000 dollars according to In addition, there are numerous factors that affect their salary which include years of experience, certifications you gained, what region of United States, education level as well as whether you’re working in rural or metropolitan area. Not depends on what you are going to study, it is quite easy to find fellowship personal statement, searching for something special you can also read about sports medicine fellowship personal statement what can help you.

Medical informatics degree will help you to have a good career but you need to choose the school you want to enter. To get it you will need fellowship personal statement. The school will help you to gain more and learn more especially if that school is one of the best around the world or in the nation. Do not miss the opportunity in studying to one of the great universities because it helps you in having a having quality of education.

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Start choosing carefully and begin to have a good career today!


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