How to Earn a Healthcare Informatics Degree

Healthcare Informatics Degree


Healthcare Informatics is a specialized discipline in the medical field which is gaining its popularity nowadays. An increasing demand in the workforce for experts in this field has led to the opening of various programs catering to those starting their careers looking for their first break and even to those who are already established professionals who want to broaden their horizons and include a Healthcare Informatics degree to their CV.

What is a Healthcare Informatics degree?

Healthcare Informatics, also dubbed as health information systems or medical informatics, is defined as the application of technological advances to the medical field for more efficient provision of healthcare services. This discipline is applied to various areas of the medical field such as general medicine, occupational health, nursing, pharmaceuticals, and the list goes on. A degree in healthcare informatics involves expertise in the integration of information technology, health care, and medical records and information and using these in giving the best patient care possible. With this knowledge and skill, you can aid in improving patient outcomes through the use of medical data and its application in medical practice.

Who can apply for a Healthcare Informatics degree?

Are you someone who is a healthcare professional but is looking into expanding your opportunities, or an IT expert who wants to apply his knowledge in the medical field? Have you recently graduated from high school and are currently looking to find the best opportunity available? Then you are more than qualified to join this fast growing league. Its rapidly growing community makes learning more accessible and flexible. Some institutions offer this as a Certificate, some as a Bachelor’s degree but most offer this as a Master’s degree. Whether you are just a neophyte in the field or an expert in your own rights, you can apply and start your career in this science. The qualifications then vary accordingly.

Where can one apply to study for this profession?

An institution offering this course is not that hard to find. A growing number of universities have already opened online programs to cater to this field. This means that you can apply and earn the certificate even if you are within the comforts of your own home. A flexible schedule is provided which you can manage to suit your current lifestyle. The way you learn from your program and the length of time to finish it will greatly vary on which institution you have chosen to apply to.

What are the requirements for application?

The minimum requirements needed to get started include:

  • Accomplished application form
  • Application fee
  • Official transcript of records (from each of the universities attended, if multiple)
  • Resume or CV
  • If have attended previous colleges or universities, a computed GPA (qualified average depends on the requirement of the university)
  • Some institutions may require TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores if applicant is from another country

What are the advantages of having an expertise in this field?

In a fast moving world that we live in, it is not at all very surprising that IT has now penetrated the realm of medicine in the form of this area of study. Through the mandate of the state, it is now a requirement for clinics, hospitals and other facilities to keep electronic records of their patients for more efficient delivery and implementation of care. This act serves to increase the demand for professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled in this science. The professionals with proper training in this area of expertise will in no doubt find themselves multiple employment opportunities.

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