Here Are Residency Personal Statement Examples of 2016 That Is Helping You

Writing your personal statement for residency using some residency personal statement examples can give you a clear picture of what to include or write in this piece. In this case, we have prepared a couple of tips to help you get started as well as good examples of residency personal statements to use.

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Residency Personal Statement Examples

Residency Personal Statement Format

  • Start with your rough outline that will answer why you have chosen the specialty.
  • Following, you should write why you are ideal to become one of the students of the residency programs.
  • Tell them about your future goals and career plans.
  • Write your summary or conclusion highlighting your main points in the essay.

Tips from Residency Personal Statement Sample

residency personal statement examples

  • Concentrate on the things that interest you to the specialty, but don’t write a too long or too short personal statement. You should be able to explain why you have chosen the specialty and be able to show that you have the qualities and skills to become successful in your chosen field.
  • Keep to only one page and with about four to five paragraphs.
  • According to a sample residency personal statement, you should use concrete examples when illustrating your points to avoid ambiguity in your writing. You should also tell them about the skills that you have developed to help you in becoming a successful doctor.
  • Avoid restating the contents of your CV. This is not the place to rewrite it, but your chance to explain your points, goals and personal experiences to give the readers a background of your entire application.
  • Do not lie but just be yourself and be honest. You don’t have to impress your readers making false claims of how great you are if what you would say are only make up stories.
  • Start writing early so that you will have enough time for proofreading and editing or revising your residency personal statement 2016 format.

There you have some tips to come up with an excellent personal statement for residency to follow so that you can increase your chances to succeed.

Start early and spend enough time in writing and editing for the best results!

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