Heart Failure Fellowship Programs

If you want to save lives by saving hearts, fellowship programs are rich training grounds. These can prepare you for what is to come when you finally complete your education and trainings. Here are a few programs that will not fail you.

Duke University School of Medicine Fellowships in Cardiovascular Disease (fellowships.medicine.duke.edu)

This is more than your general cardiovascular disease program. It can give you advanced trainings on advanced heart failure and its transplantation, cardiovascular research, interventional cardiology, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and electrophysiology.

University of Utah School of Medicine Heart Failure/Transplant Fellowship Program (medicine.utah.edu)

These specialized heart failure fellowship programs are geared to help you understand cardiac transplantation and how to manage heart failure. The program takes a year to complete and has 3 available slots yearly. If you want to spend extra time on research, you can also apply for another year.

University of Wisconsin Department of Medicine Heart Failure and Transplant Fellowship Program (medicine.wisc.edu)

After completing your 3 year cardiovascular disease program, you can apply for the heart failure fellowship programs for more intensive trainings. The program will teach you efficient management of heart failure patients. It will also expose you to the transplant process, selection of donors, management of implantable devices and clinical research.

University of Minnesota Medical School Cardiovascular Diseases Fellowship (med.umn.edu)

This 4 year program takes you to core clinical rotations on both the technical skills and basic knowledge needed in advanced training. It also includes basic or clinical research and exercises flexibility on clinical electives. You can focus on heart failure and cardiac transplantation, prevention, interventional cardiology, advanced cardiovascular imaging and electrophysiology.

Mayo Clinic Advanced Heart Failure Fellowship (Minnesota) (mayo.edu)

Intensive training and experience in evaluating and treating patients diagnosed with Advanced Heart Failure are found here. It will give you an extensive experience in cardiac transplantation. It can be completed in a year’s time when you will also be exposed to clinical research in the areas of heart failure and cardiac transplantation.

Do you see your future becoming clearer with these programs? It certainly can with all the training, knowledge and skills you will get. Earn a spot at these heart failure fellowship programs for better medical training and experiences!

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