Harvard University

History of Harvard University

Harvard UniversityHarvard University founded in 1636 was named after John Harvard, the school’s first benefactor. Much of its establishment can be attributed to the vote maid by the Great and General Court in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Changes and educational innovations were integrated in the curriculum during the 18th and 19th century when Harvard University became famous among Boston elites. More changes followed over time until the school became coeducational and more programs are introduced in the school.

Harvard University Departments

  • Harvard Business School, offers MBA, executive education, and Doctoral programs
  • Harvard Divinity School, offers Diversity & Education program
  • Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, offers Masters on arts, science, engineering, forest science, and philosophy in up to 57 departments
  • Harvard School of Design, offers Architecture, urban planning & design among others.
  • Harvard School of Education offers MA and PhD in Education Leadership, Philosophy in Education, and other programs.
  • Harvard Kennedy School, offers MA and PhD programs in Public Administration.
  • Harvard Law School
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Harvard Dental Medicine
  • Harvard Engineering & Applied Sciences, offers MA and PhD programs in technology, engineering, and applied sciences.
  • Harvard Public Health

Harvard University Application Requirements

The following requirements will help you get into the department or program of your choice:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized academic institution
  • Application submitted via online
  • Transcript of Record
  • GRE or GMAT scores
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Application fee
  • TOEFL or IELTS for foreign applicants
  • Other documents may be requested by other programs

Harvard University Admission Process

Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly examine the chosen program and its requirements to complete their applications. All requirements must be submitted on time for the applicant to be a strong candidate for admission. The final decision for admission in the Harvard University Admission Process will come after careful scrutiny of the Dean of the Graduate School.

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