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Top Residency Programs: About the Harlem Hospital Center

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The institution has some of the best staffs in clinical practice of psychiatry. You can depend for help from some of the best social workers, psychiatrists, and residents to come with you hand in hand with the training. You can learn some of the most updated in clinical practice of psychiatry. You can become adept with the help of other professionals such as activity therapists, nurses, and psychologists. There are also psychiatric health technicians to train you. The best psychiatry residency programs are affiliated with the Columbia University. It is affiliated with the University’s surgeons and physicians. They have world-class services and community that can make you a topnotch psychiatrist in the future. They offer accredited programs by the ACGME. They also offer training for about 28 residents.

top psychiatry residency programs

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Why Apply at the Harlem Hospital Center for Psychiatry Residency Programs

The Department of Psychiatry of the institution is one of the best in the United States. You will surely become the professional you want to be if you would apply with a good psychiatry personal statement and take part in this prestigious program. You will have the right training and skills to become a certified psychiatrist.

Choose from the top psychiatry residency programs and apply at the Harlem Hospital Center!

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