Graduate School of Economics

Searching about the best graduate schools of economics with high rankings is important for you to have a high quality of education. If you really want to become a great economist and you are opting to enroll economics, it is required you only choose the best.

Best Economics School Rankings

  1. Indiana University: The best thing with the school is that it is one of the top graduate schools economics. The key strength of the institution is about educational opportunities that help people in supporting and enhancing their knowledge through curricula. The university is applying a regional focus on economics innovation.
  2. Ohio State University: Ohio State University is listed on top economics graduate schools. The school is home to Journal Money, Baking and others. They also have a journal for publication of academic research with focus on economics. They are offering an interdisciplinary research that focus in bringing the minds of students for collaboration.
  3. Michigan State University: The school is highly regarded as a public university. The economic department of the school was designed to help and support students about their education. The department is home to a wide variety of economic related research. If you want to apply only on a graduate school of economics that is best, leading and highly regarded; you should not have second thoughts to choose Michigan State University.
  4. Northwestern University: Northwestern University has strong economic programs. The truth is that the school is a top rated university in the US and the economic program that it offers ranked as 10th according to Academic Ranking of World Universities. The institution is offering copious opportunities for economic research centers including Center for International Macroeconomics, Center for the Study of Development Economics and Center for the Study of Industrial Organization.
  5. University of Chicago: University of Chicago is one of the highest economic programs in the world. The economic program that it offers is legendary and it is one of the foremost programs around the world wherein it continues to be developed and refined. Some of the prominent scholars of the school are George Stilger, Frank Knight, Richard Posner and Milton Friedman. University of Chicago has ten alumni that win Nobel prizes in economics.
  6. Arizona State University: The department of economics of the school is home to several innovative researches. The school has competitive programs that they offer to students. In addition, they have the chance for great networking and learning opportunities that will be presented by professional professors of the schools.

It is nice to know that there are leading economic graduate schools in the world but it is needed to make a good choice. Even though the school is leading, it is still important to check out some things about them such as tuition fees, location and other things. These are important so that students will able to get what they want. If you want to study on the best school only, you might want to choose from the listed universities above. They are proven to offer only the best and help students to have a good future.

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