Graduate Film School

If you are looking for a graduate film school, this page will help you to have the best list you can choose from. If you want the degree for yourself, of course it is important that you also able to study in the university that allows you to experience a high quality of education.

Top Graduate Film Schools

  1. University of Southern California: In the year 2011, the US News and World Report ranked the University of Southern California as one of the top graduate film schools in the world. The fact is that it is the first film school that was created in the US. When it comes to the department, they are devoted to study film, television, screenwriting, producing and much more. They also give chance to students to study about animation as well as interactive media.
  2. New York University: Just like University of California. New York University ranked by the US News as one of the leading schools in the nation. The university is a home to Tisch School of Arts that offering film programs. Students will take classes about history, film criticism, animation and audio production. Some also of the courses that they can still take includes direction, acting, scriptwriting and editing. Aspiring students who want to become professional can able to acquire the experience they need when they are enrolled at the institution. The school has numerous professional professors that help students to learn all the things they need regarding the film program.
  3. Ohio University: The institution is a public and it g to one of the leading universities in the world. The film graduate program of them allows students to pursue what they want. They are providing numerous privileges and support to students so that they can able to have specialization on what they choose. The film program requires students to complete a final thesis project as well as to take classes required.
  4. Brown University: The film graduate school program has the commitment in providing a broader scope of the program. Their curriculum subject focuses on theoretical and analysis. They are highlighting about the integration of practice, critical production and creative thought. The goal of the university is to help their students to become active participants. They will be equipped with the right knowledge about the analysis of media, history and theory. The school make sure that students will able to produce an innovative work
  5. Emory University: The film study of the school was created in the year 1985 and it has full time and part time faculty member that has the knowledge and experience in educating students. Their faculty members have the broad range of teaching and providing strong commitment to students. When it comes to curriculum, it is comparable. The institution is offering a unique opportunity for graduate students majoring in film. The Film Department of Emory hosts 35mm film series every Wednesday nights.

If you are looking for top-notch film graduate schools, you can opt for the above-mentioned universities. They are proven in offering the best program you want that is why you need to start checking on those top graduate film schools and start to enroll.

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