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Getting a Medical Technology Degree

As a laboratory-based job, a medical technology career remains to be one of the most exciting and most rewarding careers. Students who successfully gain a medical technology degree are able to do various work in the laboratory ranging from blood extraction to helping uncover diseases such as AIDS, cancer, motor neuron diseases, and contributing to finding their cures. Medical technology is a highly-technical and scientifically-based career. It is rewarding as well as medical technology professionals provide direct support to doctors and other health professionals in providing treatment and cure to patients and individuals suffering from various conditions.

Medical Technology Degree



Important Facts for Individuals Pursuing Medical Technology Degrees

With more students choosing to pursue various medical technology degrees, specializations and careers, here are some basic facts medical technology aspirants should know:

  • Required training and educational degrees to become a medical technologist.

In order to practice medical technology, a bachelor’s degree is needed. These degrees can be obtained from traditional universities and educational institutions. However, an online medical technology degree can be obtained as well through various internet resources duly certified by standardized institutions.

  • Certification is needed in order to become a duly practicing medical technologist.

The American Society of Clinical Pathology is a certifying board, officiating exams for individuals pursuing a career in medical technology. These certifications are needed in order to prove proficiency of individuals wanting to pursue medical technology.

  • Pursuing a medical technology career is a highly financially rewarding career.

The median salary for medical technologists is around $50,000, as measured in 2009. Top earners experience greater financial rewards as they gain an income of up to $70,000.

  • Aside from a financially rewarding career, medical technology allows for various job opportunities.

Not only are medical technologists equipped with skills to navigate in the laboratory setting but these professionals are as well equipped with the capacity to conduct researches in helping to provide solutions to the various diseases and conditions experienced by individuals today. A medical technologist can delve into research-oriented jobs, providing valuable insights and data for the betterment of the human condition.

  • There is a high demand for medical technologists currently.

There has been a shortage in medical laboratories, providing services in patient diagnostics. However, the biggest shortage is in the research and laboratory field where more medical technology degree holders can focus on. As the advances in medicine go further, so will the demand for medical technologists increase.

Medical Technology Degree Opportunities

The field of medical technology provides wonderful opportunities to individuals wanting to pursue careers in the said field. Aside from the financial rewarding opportunities available, medical technology similarly offers a great opportunity for personal growth to individuals pursuing careers in the field. Furthermore, medical technology is a multi-faceted career opportunity, allowing professionals to enjoy both clinical practice and research practice as well.

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