Game Design Graduate Programs at Schools

If you want to become a gaming professional, keep in mind that you should study in the right school that helps you in learning all that you need to do. It is important that the school you choose have access to the latest and new technologies. If you choose the top school, you will be provided with skills and knowledge for having a successful career in game creation and computer programming.

Best Game Design Graduate Programs

  • Georgia Institute of Technology: The university is situated in Atlanta. Georgia and listed as one of the top graduate universities 2013. The main campus of the schools is offering a three-credit course in game design. This is not the only thing that students can experience because they will have the chance to learn about interactive and games narrative for computer games.
  • Georgia Southern University: The institution is offering a game design program. In addition, students have the chance to get game programming certificate in order to pursue 126 credit hours in Bachelor of Science in computer science. To get the certificate, students need to complete three of the four following courses in computer graphics, animation, human computer and game programming interaction.
  • Savannah College: It is one of the game design graduate schools that are offering a full range of game development and interactive design program options. The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts needs 180 credits and consist of courses in typography, history, programming a 3-D design. For Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts program, it needs 45 credit hours.
  • Southern Polytechnic State University:  The school is offering Bachelor’s program in computer game development and design that covers everything from 2D design up to 3D design to data structures and artificial intelligence. Graduates of the school will gain skills in computer problem and design solving that leads to an outstanding digital media career in educational realms and entertainment.
  • West Georgia Technical College: The program consists five courses that cover three levels of game development, mathematics and 3D animation.

If you want a game design program, it is better when you choose the best school, one of the top computer science graduate schools. Do not miss the chance in leveling up your education and become a great game design professional. Enroll now!

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