For What Graduate Schools Do People Search the Most?

Research from tools like Keyword Planner has allowed us to answer that question to at least some degree. Graduate school majors are sometimes difficult for students to decide on, but some have come out as clear forerunners in the field. They might surprise some, as only a few are archetypical academic disciplines. The others are dynamic fields for students.

Physical Therapy Graduate Schools Searched for 720,000 Times

As with many ancillary healthcare specialties, physical therapy degrees have really started to grow in the last few years. More institutions are around now to grant them, though this might have to do with some regulatory questions. Regardless students are more likely than ever to actually search for these programs. Judging by application figures they will actually apply to these programs as well once they’ve located them.

Graduate Schools for Psychology Got 390,000 Searches

Psychology is both a traditional academic discipline as well as a healthcare field. That would explain why it has so many searchers. Applicants who are interested in studying psychology as a healthcare discipline will naturally boost up the number. Online education has also contributed to the huge number of searches for psychology, though it’s still down quite a bit from physical therapy’s advanced position.

Top Chemistry Graduate Schools Were Searched for 320,000 Times

Scientific research has always been a mainstay of graduate school studies, so it comes as no surprise that so many people looked for this program. As a result one might surmise that a lot of people will soon be applying to chemistry programs. Medical programs have always made a huge section of the population in this respect, but it isn’t the only field that graduate students go into.

Best Journalism Graduate Schools Received 320,000 Searches

Journalism might be the most traditional graduate program, though the numbers are slightly down when compared with a few years ago. Masters and undergraduate diplomas in journalism have kind of lead the pack for a while. This could mean that the field is ready for a huge rebound, in which case this search number could go up quite a bit in a few years. Internet and radio journalism could contribute to that according to some commentators.

Top Engineering Graduate Schools Saw 260,000 Searches

Applied sciences like engineering are really big in research. Both public and private sector jobs can be found in the field, which means that students are starting to look into it big time. This certainly helps the searching number to jump as the case might be, so it’s easy to say that there are a lot of different types of applicants. Employer assistance might be available for these programs, so that has also increased the number of searches.

Best Business Graduate Schools Received 210,000 Look-Ups

The only reason that this number isn’t higher is that most people are probably going around and looking online with some variant of the word MBA instead of business graduate school. Considering just how popular these diplomas are that has to be the only explanation possible. Everyone it seemed at one point was looking for things like business graduate degrees. Whether or not that’s changed still hasn’t really become clear yet. It will take some time to tabulate the facts.

Top Computer Science Graduate Schools Saw 170,000 Searches

Due to fears generated by the trend of outsourcing, computer science degrees were downplayed for some time. That being said, this is all changing. Over time this has started to be downplayed as well and computer science degrees have become at least somewhat popular again. This would certainly help to explain why there were so many searches in spite of some of the problems that the field had in the last few years.

Top Architecture Graduate Schools Got 140,000 Searches

Architecture has become popular again, and while the number might look low it only does because of the fact that this was another one of those lesser diplomas for a while. When there was less construction going on domestically the field started to dry up. That being said, international trends have now picked up even though domestic ones still seem to be sagging quite a bit.

Top Electrical Engineering Graduate Schools Had 140,000 Look-Ups

Electrical engineering is another one of those degree programs that has always attracted a large number of graduate students, so that isn’t really surprising by itself, but it could be to some people. That’s because electrical engineering isn’t something that has experienced a growth in distance education. Most of these searches have been in some way geared towards distance education, but this one is really has difficulty when it comes to being taught outside of a regular classroom. It needs on the job experience as well in most situations.

Best Economics Graduate Schools Had 140,000 Look-Ups

As for economics this number is really kind of holding steady in some ways. Economics is a field that some people feel is too political, but then again others actually prefer these kinds of fields for that precise reason. Either way it’s going to be interesting to watch whether this climbs up the list or actually ends up just toppling straight out of the top of it. Either of these two situations are perhaps equally as likely at the moment.

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