Flow-FX to release a breakthrough technology in bone fracture repair

Orthopedics is a broad medical field dealing with different types of bone fracture repair and of other bone disorders. Oftentimes, procedures such as ORIF (Open Reduction and Internal Fixation) become a challenge to surgeons due to the difficulty and the invasive nature of the procedure.

In Chicago, an innovative company named Flow-FX introduced a breakthrough technology in fracture repair. It is a biomedical engineering device which enables the efficient delivery of biologics in the desired site within the bony structure.

The technology, dubbed as 2-CAN, is a multi-channeled cannula which effectively isolates the chamber for the delivery of the orthobiologics to prevent contamination of the area. The 2-CAN is a revolutionary device which shows promise in cases where a fracture may be difficult to repair. This is supported by the fact that it is available in a wide range of sizes from a 3.5 screw to a tibial or femoral nail. This makes the device compatible with most fracture types.

2-CAN can also be utilized to deliver biologic substances through its internal plunger. This feature is also helpful in maintaining an open implant channel. The device, which is delivered in a sterile 2-envelope container, can be used after drilling was done and before the placement of the screw or nail. Its side-port cannula ensures precise delivery of the biologics. It also boasts a radiopaque tip which adds to the sophistication of the design.

Other bone disorders such as osteoporosis and osteomyelitis can readily benefit from this biomedical innovation since it enables the treatment to be administered directly during or after a surgery. With these medical conditions, physicians can exploit the advantage of improving the treatment by prompt delivery of the medications. This is also beneficial to conditions such as non-unions, segmental bone loss and bone cancers. The founder of the device also looks into the potential of the device to be utilized for microinfusion of antibiotics, chemotherapy and growth factors. Its potential for long term nutrition is also being looked into.

The 2-CAN from Flow-FX is intended to be released in the 2nd quarter in the United Stated, and can be expected to be available worldwide thereafter.

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