Famous International Medical Graduate Program

Choosing 1 year medical program is a crucial part in the side of the students because as a student you would like to get the best out of what you are paying for. Today there are a lot of international graduate programs which enables students to learn several skills and to acquire experiences to be dynamic individuals in the business world. Below are some of the international medical programs:

International Medical Graduate Program

Five Top International Graduate Programs

Harvard University– in this university they follow the 1800s medical school curriculum. The students are divided into four educational societies. Here, they encourage team based learning for better improvement of the students. Despite the dreadful course, Harvard medical school is making sure that their students will still enjoy their stay in the university through the different activities such as FEAT or the First-Year Adventure Trip, and an annual White Coat Ceremony.

Stanford University– the interview process in this university is unique because medical students of the university need to complete 10 eight-minute interviews with short breaks amidst the interview. For the medical program, the schools has the Stanford’s Scholarly Concentration program which helps the students to get a more detailed education in some areas such as clinical research and bioengineering plus a learning in central sciences. Medical students can get experience from neighboring Stanford Medical centers. Aside from this, students are also encouraged to do research for them to acquire more learning.

Johns Hopkins University– medical students in this university are learning through the Genes to Society Curriculum. In this program, academics and concurrent clinical experiences are being combined. There are four colleges namely, Nathans, Taussig, Thomas and Sabin that makes a community impression among the students for their four years medical training. Each college has their own adviser to guide them through their medical program.

University of California (San Francisco)–  the students of the University of California School of medicine needs to finish 2 years of block courses. This needed for them before they can complete a year of clerkship. For the students to get a traditional M.D., they can also add a second degree through double majors and joint programs.

Students at the University of California—San Francisco School of Medicine should take 2-year of block courses before they can complete a year of clerkships and a year of clinical

Pritzker School of Medicine offers a wide range of international medical programs via scholarships and student organizations. They can also expect to work with different experts in the field of medicine that will help them to be outstanding students in the medical field.

Aside from these things, some schools are also offering international medical residency programs that offer tough medical experience to students. These you have the top five schools in the field, so you can start studying your options well based on several factors, including your location, budget and goals. Choose from the best of the best in international medical programs today and become a successful medical practitioner someday!

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