Family Practice Residency Overview

Family practice residency will train residents to become excellent and competent family physicians, who will be serving in the underserved population community. They give training in family dynamics and behavioral medicine in fostering physician’s awareness on importance of family unit to treat patient. They also have the chance to get physician training in outpatient and inpatient care. Residents will be given basic skills necessary so that they know how to educate patient and give preventive care about wellness and healthcare issues.

Family Practice Residency Length Career Outlook

Family practice doctors are also called as family physicians and they are general practitioners. Family medicine doctors take good care of the health of families.

family practice residencySalary information: According to BLS, general practitioners and family practitioners earned about $183,940 salary in the year 2013. In 110,000 physicians, over 80,000 worked in private offices. When it comes to private-practice doctors, they earned salary of about $189,800 in the year 2013.

family practice residencyIn general, surgery residency applicants and physicians were expected to grow by 18% increase between 2012 and 2022 and that is according to the report of BLS. This is higher compared to other occupations and the job growth expected to continue because of the expansion of healthcare industry.

family practice residencyJob duties: Family doctors are primary care physicians and they give healthcare services. They treat and examine patients in a wide range of conditions. Typical job duties of family practitioners include requesting diagnostic tests, performing tests and taking patient histories.

family practice residencyCareer options: Successful completion of the residency in family practice will work in outpatient offices. Family medicine practitioners work in private office settings and corporate entities. According to AAFP or American Academy of Family Physicians, some will work in hospitals and in facilities like hospices or nursing homes. Some work in urgent care clinics or medical officers in military. On the other hand, others will pursue additional training in order to perform or specialize in certain procedures like deliveries, caesarean, musculoskeletal, ultrasound and colonoscopies. The training includes one to two years fellowships to specialize in geriatrics, sports medicine, emergency medicine, adolescent medicine, sleep medicine, hospice and palliative medicine.

For physicians who have interest in business, education or career in academics, it is a good additional career options to family practice doctors.

Family Practice Residency Hours: Application Process

Each applicant need to submit the following materials for their application to be considered. Here are the materials you need to submit to the program you are applying for.

family practice residency lengthCompleted application form

family practice residency lengthCurrent curriculum vitae, which include advanced life support electives and courses

family practice residency lengthA letter, which include:

family practice residency hoursObjectives and goals for the program

family practice residency hoursHow your added experience with fit you the practice needs

family practice residency hoursWays that will enable you to contribute to community

family practice residency hoursA letter of support from program director that talks about your professionalism and academic performance

family practice residency hoursTwo letters of support from referees speaking about your interpersonal skills and professionalism

Note: Applications must need to be submitted through ERAS application system. Applications should be only submitted through ERAS because there are programs that do not accept paper application materials. In addition, you need to check out if the program participates in National Resident Matching Programs because you also need to register to it. For completed application in ERAS, it includes application form, dean’s letter, transcript of record, USMLE or COMLEX transcripts, personal statement and 3 letters of recommendation.

Deadline: For deadline, you need to check the website of the medical school program so that you will know when the deadline is. You need to know about it in order to manage your time completing all materials.

Qualified candidates will be invited for visits and interview. To increase your chance to get interview, it is highly recommended that you submit your application before the deadline.

International Applicants

All candidates should possess valid work permit and it should be submitted to matching program. Applicants must need to be US permanent residency or US citizens.

Check out if the program sponsors J-1 or H1 visas. International med school graduates are required to submit some documents including postgraduate raining authorization letter from Medical Board. The letter should indicate the acceptance of the candidate’s medical education. For students who are already licensed in the state, this is not required. Applicants also need to submit SCFMG standard certification with a valid date and examinations score.

Interview Details: For candidates who successfully match with the program, they need to submit additional documents, which include official medial school transcript of record, copy of their medical school diploma, copy of their social security card, copy of their driver’s license and copy of their permanent resident card.

There you have the details you need to know about the residency. It is important that you check out the program website because there are instances that the program add or change application requirements.

Apply in the family practice residency today!

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