ERAS Fellowship Application

AMCAS medical school application, and ERAS fellowship application are important for medical students because they will guide them on what they should do and what they need to submit.

If you need any information on ERAS personal statement – be sure that the best experts are always can answer all your questions. To know what you need to submit for ERAS, you need to visit their site. To get an overview, check this page!

ERAS Residency Application: What you Need to Know

There are following documents that you should submit and that should not be uploaded if they are already submitted.

eras fellowship applicationCV

eras fellowship applicationMedical diploma

eras fellowship applicationIn-service examination results

eras fellowship applicationMedical license

eras fellowship applicationTranslation certificate

eras fellowship applicationStandard ECFMG certificate

eras fellowship applicationNBOME certificate

eras fellowship applicationMarriage certificate

eras fellowship applicationDivorce decree

eras fellowship applicationName change certificate

eras fellowship applicationUSMLE score

eras fellowship applicationUS alien card

eras fellowship applicationCREOG scores

eras fellowship applicationCOMLEX-USA transcript

eras fellowship applicationNon-medical school transcripts

eras fellowship applicationBoard certification certificate

ERAS for Residency Applicants

A number of residency programs also use ERAS or electronic residency application system for application process. The eligibility for the residency positions requires completion of the residency program. For specific requirements as well as application procedures, you need to contact the residency program.

eras residency applicationStep 1: Contact the programs directly in order to learn about their participation status in the ERAS. You need to know what cycle the program participates, whether in July or December. You also need to know the program requirements and their mechanism.

eras residency applicationStep 2: Make sure to contact the EFDO or the ERAS fellowships documents office for instructions to have access on MyERAS and details in completing the application process with the use of ERAS.

eras residency applicationStep 3: Visit the ERAS site and complete your application as well as your designation list. If you do not know what to do, you can use the online help and the checklist of the residency application to guide you about the process and how you can complete the ERAS application.

eras residency applicationStep 4: It is important to use the EFDO online services in submitting your medical school transcript, medical performance evaluation and photograph. When it comes to your LOR, it can be submitted through ERAS LoR portal. In your ERAS residency application, you should contact the medical school to know their policy on releasing MSPEs and medical school transcripts. If the university does not release it directly to you, they can submit directly to EFDO with the use of medical institution’s document upload service.

eras residency applicationStep 5: For residency application, use the ERAS’s “programs applied to” page in confirming that supported documents were uploaded. It is important to check your email regularly to know if there are requests for invitations or additional information.

Residency Specialties Using ERAS

my eras applicationAdolescent medicine

my eras applicationHematology and oncology

my eras applicationImmunology or allergy

my eras applicationPediatric

my eras applicationPalliative medicine

my eras applicationPediatric nephrology

my eras applicationInfectious disease

my eras applicationSports medicine

my eras applicationOthers

Personal Statement Guidelines

There are numerous program directors, each have their own idea on what a personal statement should contain. The examples of personal statements must be only use in guiding you on how you write. If you use the same language that a person used, then it is considered as plagiarism. It is important to visit ERAS policies to know the information on ERAS integrity promotion and education program.

Note: Students must not submit personal statement to EFDO because they do not process personal statements. Keep in mind that the personal statement can only be created in the MyERAS application.

LoR or Letter of Recommendation

Getting recommendation letter is part of the residency application and the letter should give the residency director a clear picture about your clinical ability and skills. It is important that recommendation letter authors be physicians that familiar with you and with your work.

Before you start to apply, make sure that you know what you need to do. Do your best and do not waste a second of your time because it is important that your application is complete and submitted on time.

Complete your ERAS fellowship application today!

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