Emergency Medicine Residency Programs 2016

Looking for Emergency Medicine Residency Programs?

emergency medicine residency programs

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Emergency medicine residency programs are specifically designed for professionals looking to train in the clinical setting of emergency medicine. These programs are what to help in achieving your goals of pursuing a career in the emergency medicine industry. Check out the following for guidance for reasons and tips in choosing a residency program.

Best Emergency Medicine Residency Programs

emergency medicine residency programs

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Boston University. The medical center offers a 4-year residency program. You will have your training right in the center of busy Boston. It was established in 1864, since then it is been a long history of success. Residents will have a chance to learn more about trauma, point-of-care ultrasound, pediatric emergency medicine, EMS, and public health. You may read more information here.

emergency medicine residency programs

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Brown University. The main purpose of Brown University is to serve people of Rhode Island. Since 1992 the program helped to grow lots of leaders in emergency medicine. Now the university cares about 210,000 patients annually at Rhode Island Hospital. Find more here!


top emergency medicine residency programs

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University of Connecticut. The main priority of the faculty is teaching, which enables residents to have both professional and personal growth.  Within this commitment, the unversity expect from the residents to demonstrate their commitment to clinical and personal excellence. Read more about the program here!

top emergency medicine residency programs

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University of Chicago. The program here has a 3-year format within the mission to grow a healthy community through the leadership in health care.  The residents will have an opportunity to care about the diverse populations, which will give a valuable experience.  Find more information here.


top emergency medicine residency programs

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Loma Linda University. The program here has been launched since 1984. The university is located in the Southern California. On the average, it accepts 13 most outstanding residents per year. Moreover, it serves around 150,000 patients annually. So give it a go and get a chance to get an unforgettable experience! Read more here!


Why Choose Top Emergency Medicine Residency Programs

One of the reasons to choosing the best emergency medicine residency programs is to equip you with the most advanced training and skills enhancement beyond entry level. In this case, you will be versed with various procedures and clinical problems that professionals like you face. In addition, joining and taking up a residency program also prepares you for the licensure exam that you need to pass before you can practice.

How to Choose Top Emergency Medicine Residency Programs

Go to audition rotations. This is one of the most important tips when selecting a program. What you have to do is to attend on interview days, especially for those programs you are considering to be high on your list. Do it so that you will have enough time in finding out if a program is the best match or not for you. Visit a program on interview day and spend about a month doing audition rotations.

Consider either a small or a large program. A few programs may be as small as one resident, while bigger ones may be as big as 10. Know that smaller programs may know your attendings very well, but you don’t see many people involved. But if you don’t jibe well together, you may have a problem working things out. Large programs give you the chance to working with new attendings that can give you insights on managing the same problems and procedures in different ways.

There are more reasons than one to choose thebest emergency medicine residency programs or even pathology residency programs.

So, follow these tips on how to find the best emergency medicine residency programs that will match your needs and that will help you grow in this field.

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