Emergency Medicine Fellowship Programs

Looking for emergency medicine fellowship programs?

What are your goals in your future career? Do you want to make your specialty even more potent by undergoing additional trainings? When you weigh your options of where to go, here are some of the programs you should not disregard.

Top 5 emergency medicine fellowship programs

emergency medicine fellowship programs

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UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. This 2 year program can be integrated with the UCLA School of Public Health and Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program. This program can bring you several graduate opportunities including grant writing, health technology research & development and international rotations. You will also learn about global health curriculum development and gain experience in working with various organizations. You can read more information here.

emergency medicine fellowship programs

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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. The emergency medicine fellowship programs open 2 slots yearly. It can give you a broad clinical experience in taking care of injured and ill children. You can also improve your teaching skills as you engage in seminars, conferences and research opportunities. You can find more information here.

emergency medicine fellowship programs

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University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Program. This program is designed for pediatric care where you will gain extensive clinical experiences. Another goal of the fellows is a rewarding scholarly activity or a completion of an academic study. You will also gain teaching skills and a better understanding of fundamentals through the learning and teaching experiences provided by the university. Find more here!

emergency medicine fellowship

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Ohio State University College of Medicine Program. A challenging experience awaits you in this program that covers administration, research, teaching and clinical care in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. It is responsible program that demands a good emergency medicine personal statement. In its duration, you will gain the confidence, knowledge and essential skills in the delivery of supervisory and direct emergency care. Completing the program can also make you eligible for the Pediatric Emergency Medicine certification.

emergency medicine fellowship

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Johns Hopkins University Program. The emergency medicine fellowship programs give you an opportunity to learn and train in  dynamic emergency medicine department. You will also be in a large hospital setting where you can work with experts in the field. Additional seminars and courses are also available and offered at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus – Baltimore and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Learn more here.

Choose your emergency medicine fellowship

Have you found an answer on where you will pursue more training experiences? The decision can be all worth it especially when you think about these programs. Say yes to emergency medicine fellowship programs that will help you a lot!

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