Electrophysiology Fellowship Programs

Looking for electrophysiology fellowship programs?

Should you go for more training or take the plunge and go into practice? To best answer this, take a look at your own skills and experiences. If the answer is not yet promising, consider some of these top fellows programs that will give you hands on knowledge and training.

Top 5 electrophysiology fellowship programs

electrophysiology fellowship programs

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Northwestern University Feinberg School of MedicineA 1 year program, this boasts access to 2 dedicated laboratories with state of the art equipment and systems. Inpatient and outpatient arenas are utilized so you can gain procedural and medical experience in arrhythmia management. Weekly electrogram case reviews, research projects and weekly didactic teachings are also part of the program highlights. Read more about the program here!

electrophysiology fellowship programs

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John Hopkins Medicine Program. The strength of the electrophysiology fellowship programs is on the efficient diagnosis and effective management of the arrhythmias disorders. You will also learn noninvasive and invasive testing together with the therapeutic modalities used. The curriculum is also designed to not just give you the procedural skills and competencies but also the professional attitudes and the interpersonal skills. Find out more here!

electrophysiology fellowship programs

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University of California (San Diego) School of Medicine. Joining this program means that you will spend two years in meeting its requirements for completion. The training focuses on the proper evaluation and diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias. Management, diagnostic and therapeutic techniques are also taught. Read more about the program here!

electrophysiology fellowship programs

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University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. One year of training under the electrophysiology fellowship programs will expose you to various clinical settings. You will work with physician mentors to gain more experience in your area of expertise. You will also have access to the top notch electrophysiology equipment and multipurpose laboratory.Want to know more, click here.

electrophysiology fellowship programs

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University of Pennsylvania Cardiovascular Institute. This 2 year training program will train you in arrhythmia mapping, pacemaker insertion and its management and the pharmacological management of arrhythmias. You will also train in the radiofrequency ablation of the atrial and the ventricular tachycardias. Once completed, you can become eligible for the electrophysiology subspecialty boards. Find more details here!

Choose your electrophysiology fellowship

These programs will not just train you but can also give you an edge in today’s competitive market. Cost and time may just be small considerations compared to the huge benefits you will get. When big decisions need to be made for the future, do not forget to think about the best electrophysiology fellowship programs!

Do not wait too long and apply to electrophysiology fellowship programs today!

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