Economics Graduate Programs

Having an idea about economics graduate programs gives you the chance to enter the best schools. If you know the universities offering numerous economics programs, what you only need to do is to choose your specialization and enroll. Since the school is proven to be the top graduate schools for economics in the world, you have the assurance to get what you want.

Graduate Schools for Economics

Knowing graduate school rankings economics allows you to know which is the leading and the best universities in the world. If you have a plan to study abroad, it is better when you do your best to check out the net or continue reading this page to know more information.

  1. Hunter College: It is one of the schools that are offering graduate programs in economics. The school is offering degrees in economics such as MA and BA. When it comes to coursework of the program, they are offering a strong foundation in empirical economics and economic theory. Graduates of the school will be prepared in pursuing PhD in economics in government or business.
  2. California Institute of Technology: The economic program of the school provides students a great understanding about the basic principles. It also offers quantitative and modern approach to economics seldom available to undergrad program. The good thing about the institution is it emphasis about modern methodology and economic principles that provides students an excellent preparation in economics as well as professional study. When it comes to the core of the option, it consists of economic theory, data analysis component, macroeconomic, applied microeconomic and growth economic.
  3. Brown University: The University trains their students in economic theory as well as tools of economic analysis. The course work of the program includes supervised research and participation in seminars. Students will know about empirical research and theoretical research at the highest level. The economic program if offering core courses in macroeconomics and microeconomics.
  4. Boston University: The graduate program in economics of the university is dedicated to students who are full time. The program is designed in training economists for careers in research and teaching by providing students strong backgrounds in quantitative, economic theory, applied fields and research methods. The coursework requirements include comprehensive examinations and others. The program enables students to receive a great deal of individual attention. The objectives of the school are to advance the economic theory, fields and research methods of students.
  5. Arizona State University: The economic program of the institution is one of the best. The faculty of the university focuses on teaching labor economics, microeconomic theory, environmental economics and macroeconomics. The school is one of the best that offers a high quality of education to students. The program produces graduates that train them to conduct a rigorous economic research.

Regardless, if you want to know about economic programs that you can enroll at, check this out to know more information.

  • Microeconomic theory
  • Econometrics
  • Monetary theory
  • Development economics
  • Labor economics
  • Environmental economic
  • Public finance
  • Behavior and Experimental

There you have it the best graduate schools as well as economic programs you can choose from. Start to choose and do not waste your time.

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