Eastern Virginia Medical School Fellowship Programs

Eastern Virginia Medical School, commonly known as EVMS, is strategically located in Norfolk, Virginia, in the United States. It is a public and private school that is founded through grassroots determinations within the Southeastern part of Virginia known as the Hampton Roads. EVMS provides students the following.

  • Educational foundations for careers that are characterized by a clinical excellence
  • Commitment and dedication to human values
  • Scientific curiosity and sense of collegiality

Should you choose to enroll or be involved with EVMS’ Ophthalmic Technology Program, you enable yourself to have a subspecialty in the field of ophthalmology. Their 22-month program begins in August, which has been accredited by a recognized body in the field of ophthalmology. Moreover, you may learn more about New Jersey Medical School on our site.

The Commission on Accreditation of Ophthalmic Medical Programs recognized and certified the program back in 1985 and since then, the school has been one of the most preferred by students to undergo ophthalmic residency training program. The school is honored to be one of the five schools that offer Ophthalmic Technology Program in the nation and is one of the two that offers a Bachelor of Science in this field of study.

The school has a state-of-the-art facility for students to learn all aspects of the program. They also have access to facilities within the school so that they’d be able to get all reference materials for their study. The school truly does offer some of the most effective residency and best fellowship programs in the nation today! Now, why don’t you check out the things that you need to secure in order for you to land a spot into their program or West Virginia University fellowship programs? Moreover, you may learn more about on our site.

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